Episode-986- Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy on the Role of a Survival Medic — 20 Comments

  1. Really enjoyed this podcast. Perhaps my ministerial degree can be used much more, as well as my herbal medicine education and the gift of being calm in a crisis. And it’s good to teach my kids some of these principles.

  2. It was SO NICE to hear Doc Bones & Nurse Amy after meeting them in person at the Hickory Self-Reliance Expo! I really believe they, much like Jack, are the same people when you meet them one-on-one as they are on the air. Dr. Bones introduced himself to me in Hickory using his first name. He is a humble man who wants to see others prepare for what’s ahead. And Nurse Amy is so joyful. It was so interesting to watch the suture class.

  3. The most fun podcast ever!
    On a side note for Rachel: I was an intern in a hospital in El Salvador after the earthquakes in 2001. The hallway was lined up with patients, most of them on the floor and that hallway was a block long. Lots of doctors running around to help, but what impacted me most was that they so needed someone to just listen. If you are 27 years old and we are preparing to amputate your leg you need a counselor or minister. As doctors we were all just too busy to talk. But since I am also a missionary I felt very conflicted because they needed someone to minister to them also and there was not one pastor or counselor in the place.

  4. I work on a suburban Louisville, KY fire engine. Our battle cry is “Battling Darwin Every Day!” Most of the runs we make, weather they be medical or fire in nature, are generated from those who would otherwise be claimed by Darwin’s Theory.

  5. I wanted to tell someone this, and today and here seems like the time and place. I’ve been doing some prep training with a couple of my greatgrandchildren, and we are preparing to attend the Falling Leaves primitive workshop in a couple of weeks. My 7 year old great grand told me on Sunday that he had made his own bandaid. “Yeah?” I said, and he continued, “I put a little rock over the scratch and tied it on with a piece of grass”. Now, how’s that for creative problem solving? He may be a potential doctor?

    Anyway, thanks for today and for the discount in your shop!

    I recently had a delivery man get his hand crushed in a hydraulic lift on his truck, and I ran for the high ph kangan water and clean ripped sheet bandage to rinse and cover/contain the bleeding while he was driven to the ER. I found my medical stuff was at the back of the house, and realized I wasted precious time getting to and from it. I will rearrange those to be closer to the door. Worse case,without a doctor I could see I could have sutured his fingers and he needed a good pain killer. All I have is whiskey. I’m getting your book and hope you cover that. I felt calm, and tried to calm him, and was glad I had listened to you guys and Patriot Nurse, before. Thanks again for being friends to us.

  6. Get a copy of Wilderness Medicine by Paul Auerbach. No better resource. Take a wilderness medicine course then take as many training courses as possible, get hands on training. practice practice practice. Knowledge is power, supplies are tools, together they equal survival.

  7. Checking for allergies is a great tip. I remember one son, who bought some stuff which was to prevent him from getting poison ivy. He put it all over before going out to clean up some land he owned. He said 5 minutes later he was back in the house, getting into the shower, seems he was allergic to the stuff and was itching, welts everywhere.

    I love tea tree oil, it does amazing things. However my skin does not love tea tree oil. I can use a drop or two once. But if I where to use it more of it such as on a poison ivy rash, I break in blisters. Or if I use it several days in a row to promote healing, I get an awful, raised rash. Not just in the area of use, but several other places break out. Takes several weeks and much benedryl to clear up.

    So not just test the meds for allergies, but also things like essential oils, herbs, salves, lotions, etc.

  8. To stock pile antibiotics, would you recommend buying fish antibiotics? is there any brands to consider or any other form of antibiotics to obtain off the shelf?

  9. This show reminded me of an experience I had a few years ago. I got an abscessed tooth and needed antibiotics. After looking online for natural antibiotics I came across oil of oregano. I got a little jar from GNC and it worked great. Since then I have found better sources on eBay. What is involved in extracting the oil is beyond me but it could be grown fairly easily.

  10. Thanks for a great show guys! As a note to Jack, after hearing you discuss using baking soda and hydrogen peroxide as a toothpaste I have begun doing so in addition to rinsing twice daily with hydrogen peroxide. This morning, I wasn’t paying attention during my rinse and a small amount trickled down my throat and I immediately began to wretch and have stomach convulstions. I held back the full blown yak-fest but to confirm your suspicions Jack, yes, consumption of hydrogen peroxide surely will cause instanteneous vomiting. I have not experienced any adverse symptoms since.

    Thank again for a great show!!


    • I am a vet. The dog dose to CAUSE vomiting after a poisoning is ~ 1cc/#, max 45 ccs, or 1.5 oz. Doesn’t work as well on cats. So I use hydrogen peroxide in my mouth, but I spit it ALL out.

  11. Jack great show I missed the cut off for the discount when will it be available to MSB so I can take advantage of that?

    • Didn’t realize I didn’t add the MSB stuff yet, I have to add Keith Snow on Monday and well get Bones and Amy squared away too.