Doc Bones and Nurse Amy on the Survival Medicine Handbook – Epi-2965 — 22 Comments

  1. so sad she may have killed herself or shortened life with the experimental medical device (not a vaccine by legal definition)

      • It may be a DNA going in. BUT it self replicates to the mRNA. This may be outside your topic though.

      • Vaccine:
        Substance used to stimulate the production of antibodies and provide immunity against one or several diseases, prepared from the causative agent of a disease, its products, or a synthetic substitute.

        Interesting. I’m glad this topic came up. Even if one views mRNA as gene therapy, it still is, by definition, a vaccine, as I understand it (i.e. synthetic substitute). Hydrogel in this case would be synthetic.

        A preparation of genetic material (such as a strand of synthesized messenger RNA ) that is used by the cells of the body to produce an antigenic substance (such as a fragment of virus spike protein )

        RNA vaccines traditionally consist of messenger RNA synthesized by in vitro transcription using a bacteriophage RNA polymerase and template DNA that encodes the antigen(s) of interest. Once administered and internalized by host cells, the mRNA transcripts are translated directly in the cytoplasm and then the resulting antigens are presented to antigen presenting cells to stimulate an immune response.

        Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca instead use a harmless host-virus to get into the cell. Their scientists alter the genetics of a harmless adenovirus to:

        Neutralize it so it cannot replicate in our cells, and
        Embed a DNA strand with the instructions to build the spike protein.
        NOTE: Dr. William Moss says it is essential to note that while this vaccine uses the spike protein DNA, it is impossible for it to alter our human DNA. The COVID-19 vaccines will not alter any human genome and cannot make any changes to your DNA.

        The DNA of the adenovirus is altered to include the instructions for building SARS-CoV-2’s spike protein

        Your cells translate the double stranded spike protein DNA into single stranded mRNA
        That adenovirus is injected into the cell, and the cell’s nucleus accepts the DNA strand. Your cell translates that double-stranded DNA into mRNA — the same mRNA that the other vaccines start with. It contains all the instructions necessary to teach your cell how to build the spike protein. From there, the immunity process is the same.

        Your cells use that mRNA to make SARS-CoV-2’s signature spike protein, release it out into the body, and your immune system gets a practice round at fighting off COVID-19.

        A bit wordy. But YES J & J is a vaccine by definition, as I understand it

        • J&J is a vaccine the mRNA ones are not, calling a dogs tail a leg does not mean it has 5 legs to paraphrase Ike Eisenhower.

          If the mRNA shots were vaccines the FDA would not have had to change the definition of vaccine to call them such. The ignorance on both sides of this issue astounds even me.

        • Hey Schmoo, seeing that you got unhinged, my remark in this particular string was to Spirko and NOT to you!

          But since you are obviously also caught up in some self aggrandizing (so-called intellectual) mental masturbation, all that needs to be said at the moment is ……your still way out in left field Boobie!

      • Legal smiege BS! You, like everyone else, have no ‘complete’ (let alone any other friggin’) idea of what it is any of these so-called ‘vaccines’ (which they are not – ALL of them)!

        They ALL have a common base of being absolutely ‘toxic jabs’………period! If J&J is a vaccine, as you prefer to ignorantly believe, then it will likely consist of a toxic ‘viral culture’ (NOT a actual ‘attenuated or live’ VIRUS……d.e..) which is an amalgam of dead and dying tissues, cells an DNA from multi animal species, artifacts, antibiotics, and other chemical and toxic substances. This is your VACCINE!

        And what is and has been the effectiveness and safety of vaccines in the past, or JJ’s today? Cat got your tongue? Not much to see as to the ‘good’ but a lot to raise concern and skepticism as to the ‘bad’.

        If your going to put yourself out there as being ‘knowledgeable’ on the subject of vax …….OR for that matter, virology and contagion……..then you better take the FULL and DEEP dive down the history and science Rabbit-Hole on VIROLOGY and not just pontificating your superficial and lazy reliance on meta-data study Horse-Shit and ‘dime-a-dozen’ so-called EXPERTS !!!!!!!

        • The topic is not about efficacy. It is about a simple definition. Learn how to read. Look up the definition. Use the way back machine to see if the definition has changed.

          Oh, you say the FDA changed the definition. Why not site your reference to such, instead of name calling. Which gives little to no weight to your comments. If you want me to consider your babbling nuances, then debate it. Stop giving your personal view. Site your reference, educate me. Would you take it for granted I was right? Obviously not.

          The topic is not all that is wrong with the egregious nature of what is in vial. It is about a definition. Your reading skills lack any weight towards the topic at hand. Where is your proof.

          The definition above states a vaccine can have synthetic material in it. So stop your name calling and start educating. NOT babbling on with no proof of what you say. That babbling makes you the ignorant one.

          Stop attacking, start educating. Enough with the hate. You want to do good, then educate.

  2. I thank Doc Alton for his sacrifices to get us prepared for whatever comes our way. And a special nod to nurse Amy for her dedication. You know good nutrition. You will get through it. It is by no means a death sentence. I pray that you overcome that which ails you in Jesus name.

    • That be the HOPE! Other than that, you have no clue what nonsense your saying. Only fact is the outcome of the vax will NOT be positive………even if she was fortunate to get only a saline shot.

      • You are the clueless one my friend. I just read your comment again. You are plain and simple STUPID. This is not an all or none event. You have not nearly done your research. First step is take no more. And since you like name calling as a response, instead of educating, I’m not going to do it for you. Get a clue.

        • What you consider ‘education’ is but superficial layering of the onion and pseudo-science myth. You know nothing of the history of virology or contagion, thus your vaccine ‘cut and paste’ crap is completely irrelevant! Your lazy and incompetent………period! Your immaturity also is a tell-all of the schmuck you are!

  3. Just listened to the show. Was wondering why the nublized peroxide was not sounding like it was something to be doing? I respect Dr Mercola who is someone that is promoting this.

    • I forget the real info on this. But very loosely speaking their are electrical charges involved. There are three approaches to this. Hydrogen peroxide is one of them, but is the lesser of the three choices. That does NOT mean it is a bad choice. I have one friend that bought a nebulizer and that is his defense with hydrogen peroxide.

  4. You can’t have it both ways Jack. Either they are vaccines or they are not vaccines. They are both gene therapy. One goes in as mRNA. The adenovirus ones self replicates into gene therapy. If you do not know that, even with it explained above, I do not understand your view. Again educate, stop giving opinions.
    BTW my personal view differs from what all is said.

    Also, this started out being ONLY about the J & J jab. This whole business has gotten way off topic.

    • It is not about “both ways” rather your ignorance to what we are even discussing. I am not saying J&J is good or even better, I am saying the FDA did not have to change the definition of the word vaccine to call J&J a vaccine.

      If you can’t comprehend that, it is not my problem.

  5. Say Jack. I want you to know I do appreciate all you do to get people prepared. You do not have to like anything I say. But you allow free speech. To that I thank you sir.

  6. Lets all take a breath. We need unity, not division. This should wake you up to that end. Latest research.

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