Episode-2842- Being Bold in the Face of Fear — 3 Comments

  1. I don’t disagree with you on any of this and it really is the the way to succeed. Kudos to you to present this info. The one thing that I think has been confused in some of the conflict is to say that fear or being scared is necessarily a bad thing. It is a normal human and animal response to danger to experience acute reactions that tell you a situation that calls for a fight or flight response. I was a firefighter for over forty years 33 years of which it was my full time job. My training and experience accumulated and it was often later only the real bad situations that triggered the fight or flight responses. Of course I was being paid to fight so I did so within the limitations of my training and experience making decisions of benefit compared to risk and only risking life when the risk had benefit like in saving the life of someone trapped. In the early days when I was called into a dangerous situation I was scared but I still did my job. I think an honest fighter pilot would tell you they are scared when facing the likelihood of a dog fight, or a person that disturbs a bear in the woods and is faced with that crazy danger – they better be scared. I think it is an assumption now that because people are avoiding social contact that it is out of fear. I would disagree in that they should have a healthy dose of being scared of an infectious disease that both kills and leaves long term health consequences. But if they can follow guidance on how they can protect themselves they can avoid getting sick as well and avoid giving the disease another place to spread to. They can still do all the things you said about “when the going gets tough the tough get going.” Just follow accepted disease avoidance guidelines. Honestly I have not seen anyone with their hair on fire and panicking. There has been enough fear in hospitals by staff and patients over the last year when they wonder if they will make it out alive or removed with a toe tag in a body bag. But I haven’t seen any of them panicking – just saving lots of lives while failing at many more attempts.

    Yes people may not be pushing their boundaries as much as usual and not trusting the disease avoidance and spread recommendations and making it or in fact thriving in spite of the disease. I think there are even some people who have not seen the real danger and felt the fear and in some cases may have mislead people into believing there is no danger. So people need to be smart and learn what the dangers are and take proper precautions and make decisions for themselves.

    Yes being bold in the face of fear is the best response but fear and being scared when you know there is danger is not a bad thing. People should become aware of the danger and understand how the disease works then work within the limits of their protective equipment just like I did as a firefighter.

    Those are some great ideas about opportunities especially services like assembling stuff people purchased. Keep up the good work.

  2. Great Show Jack, Good reminder that Fear can be a good tool. I think it was 2008 when I gave my self a shot to get over the fear bug. and now, When it tries to sneak in to my skull at times. I say F this shit and get my focus back to the important stuff. I realy appreciate all that you do for us.*;*

  3. Brent in PEI:
    I was listening to J Bravo on Youtube, he was mentioning Turo as a side hustle. Get a few cheap cars and rent them out. And as you mentioned, hire someone to manage it