Let’s Just Blow Up Belief Systems Today Part Two – Epi-3090 — 7 Comments

  1. I did it! I bought bitcoin! I used Strike and moved it to Exodus wallet like you talked about in this show. But Strike has a $1,000 weekly deposit limit.


    I looked in the archives Jack and I see you mention Coinbase several times, is that the best option?

    Thank you for all your help and advice!

  2. Here’s a question. When following along with Jack’s video, when pasting the address from Exodus into Strike, I get an error at the top of Strike that says “Wrong Address Format”. Any thoughts?

    • A bit of an update, I also tried to scan the QR code generated from the wallet, and I get the same error “Wrong Address Format”.

      • So are you trying to remove BTC on lightning? Strike uses lighting for strike to strike transactions in USD. If you actually buy and withdraw or send BTC from strike then you need to send to a on chain BTC address.

  3. Apologies for the confusion. My first go round with bitcoin and Strike. I purchased some bitcoin with Strike, now would like to move it off of the exchange in Strike to my Exodus wallet, using the Lightning function within Exodus, similar to episode 3089. I seem to be missing a step or 2 somewhere.

    • Appreciate the response, Jack. I just needed to pay closer attention. I watched episode 3089 again, and finally understand your post and the video as well. In Exodus, I was going to Lightning and trying to paste the code from there into Strike to send my Bitcoin from Strike to Exodus, which gave the error. What I should have done was just go to Bitcoin in Exodus, get that code, and paste into Strike. Once I did that, it only took a couple of minutes to receive the bitcoin from Strike to Exodus. Appreciate everything you do!

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