Episode-1899- Blake Akers on Business, The TSP Biz Directory and the Return of AgriTrue — 6 Comments

  1. Down here in Aussie Land we are in the process of launching a platform that will only accept the best quality products – they are tested by a product advisory board to ensure transparency on label, non gmo, organic/natural, clean sourced etc – as well as initial testing to get onto the InnerOrigin platform they are then rated similarly to your process of rating.
    These products are already in supermarkets, chemists, and health food shops etc, and have to put in an application to get onto the platform – it will be like Amazon, only discretionary. An opportunity as with Agritrue, for the smaller businesses to not get shunted out of the market by the big conglomerates..
    The plan will be after soft -launching on November 25th, to iron out the wrinkles in the next month as we go live, and then to do a hard launch Australia wide in January.
    The next country we are launching into in the 2nd trimester of 2017 is America – and then UK and other countries.
    Whilst not so much agriculturally focussed as quality product (non perishable at this stage until the logistics can ensure fresh produce will be successful) this platform sounds very similar to yours.

  2. Sorry Jack, my point is at the end, after a bitter sounding analysis but I think you will like the proposal it leads to.

    I love the concept but, for this to really be valuable to me, it is not me that needs to see the value, it is my customers. Now, it would be ridiculous for you to spend the money to market this branding large scale as in multiple national campaigns and the return for the value of the brand without this scale of marketing is, at this stage entirely up to our ability to sell your brand for you, and eventually for us. Coupled with that, for it to work there need to be enough vendors with the branding so it appears, to my customer, to carry real weight. I see this as a minimum of a several year grass roots growth process before I might see a meaningful return, and only if enough of us sign on.

    So, What about a franchise like membership level where a percentage of the higher membership costs are held in trust to be used at a future date for a large enough campaign to turn it into a household brand. I think the commitment to a massive campaign that, enabled by our collective funding, would:

    1. Not add any real financial risk to you.
    2. Increase the potential of returns on our investment.
    3. Decrease the time frame for us to realize those returns.
    4. Entice more of us to join due to 2 & 3.

    If interested, what about a spot on the forum to work out details?

  3. Great Job Blake on your first ever National Interview! Congratulations on your leap off the cliff into entrepreneurship and quitting your job! I was listining to a Robert Kiyosaki interview with Solidad O’Brian and she quit CNN to do her own thing, but not before creating a F.U. fund so she could do it. I know you did the same thing, which maybe should have been talked about on the show. Many people would love to quit and go into what they love, but it seems many fail to understand it takes money to make money.

    Wishing you the best of luck in all your endevours! Thanks for the inspiration for many that listen to the show.

    Secondly thanks for your efforts on the TSP Business directory. I’m glad to be part of that and see the real value of it. Matter of fact when it launched I joined as the Gold member as well as a featured listing. Understanding SEO and how linking works it was well worth it to me. Plus I got to be part of and support the TSP community. I know I might not appeal to everyone, but I believe in what I’m doing.

    Lastly, I’m so glad Agri-true is relaunched. I’ve followed it since Jack launched and love the idea of it. I love what you have done with it so far. We’re looking to joining really soon as soon as our homestead is completed. We broke ground this week. Just hope we don’t go broke in the process!

  4. That is a great project that would surely be relevant to the french market as well. We’ve got the same issues with our organic label being a racket controlled by industrial actors.

    If you plan to expand internationally, and you need a local contact in France, i’d be interested to be part of it.