Black Dragon Tactical Joins the MSB — 8 Comments

  1. I got the malware alert off their body armor (both pages of the list) as well as the Roni carbine page.


  2. Thanks Jack for fixing the MSB discount code at High Mowing. Successfully got our seeds ordered – appreciate the help. Blessings, TBM

  3. Dear Members Brigade:
    My webmaster is attacking the “malware” problem.
    I am also expecting a shipment of 30 round mags, you folks will be 2nd to know, after the UPS guy. Let me know how many mags you need. Soon we will have cool image intensified night vision and thermal night vision as well.
    I have about 20 used police infrared & visible laser aiming devices that I will be posting next week. If you like shooting w night vision, these are indispensable.
    We have a lot of NIJ Level IIIA bulletproof panels, book bags, backpacks and clipboards in stock.
    At BDT, we like to get gear for our friends, so let us know what you need!
    Cheers & thanks for your patience w the technical issue.
    Stay safe,