Episode-1793- How to Determine What Business You Should Start — 11 Comments

  1. Jack, your podcast had certainly been life changing for me! Thanks so much for all you do!

  2. Thank You Jack, great refresher! Thank you for your continued support. If people only knew that people pay 10’s of thousands of dollars for this information everyday. These are proven systems that have been and are continually being used by successful people.

  3. If you enjoy reading, you might follow-up this episode of Jack’s with some of Seth Godin’s books. Short, easy to read, highly motivational, and a lot of it is in harmony with what Jack says.

    I got to this link starting at tspaz.. so if you buy anything here, hopefully Jack gets the affiliate deal.

  4. On track to netting ~$2500 this week.

    It’s been a challenge, I’ve had to face a lot of my personal shortcomings, still working on them, I’m going to be for a while, and there’s definitely been some bumps, but it’s working itself out well.

    I’m pretty proud of it because that’s more than what most people my age make in a month.

  5. Kudos for having the courage to point out where the real molestation problem comes from, and it’s not transgender people. You missed the boat (as did Alex Shrugged) when it comes to Bill Ayers. He was involved in anti-government bombings fifty years ago, and no one (except some bomb makers) was killed. But you overstate his relationship to Obama. I don’t know why you’re on an anti-Obama kick. He’s governed as what used to be called a moderate Republican (of which there are no more). If he was influenced by Ayers you sure can’t tell it by his Presidency. I certainly don’t agree with everything he’s done, but he’s a cool, smart and sharp politician, who would even more popular than he is if he was white. Hardly an ass-clown. If Trump becomes President you’ll what an ass-clown really is.

    • Republicans suck, Democrats suck, all of them in office are lying fucking traitors to the constitution, does that explain why I am hard on the current Assclown. How long have you been around here Dan? Did you know how hard I was on Bush when he was in charge?

      And we do not over state anything Ayers is a fucking terrorist, he should have spent his life in prison, not teaching people how to teach children and Obama launched his political career in the mans living room.

      Let me be clear….

      Obama- Broke his oath to the constitution over and over
      Bush II – Broke his oath to the constitution over and over
      Clinton – Broke his oath to the constitution over and over
      Bush I – Broke his oath to the constitution over and over
      Regan – Broke his oath to the constitution over and over
      Carter- Broke his oath to the constitution over and over

      Do you get it yet, “moderate republican”, no sir they are all Neo Fascists and you likely have no idea what fascism is and think it is about killing Jews or something like that.

      Fascism is an economic system of control. You live in a neo fascist state. Where the divisions between the classes are seen as advantageous to the state and industry and both are to be “mediators” (in other words agitators) between the classes to simultaneously advance both the goals of the state and of industry.

      In classical fascism the state controls the money in cooperation with industry to control the people, in neo fascism the industry uses money to manage their relationship with the government to control the people.

      You live in a fascist state dude!

    • Dan, all Obama has done during 2 terms is blame all of our problems on his predecessor (if that were true, then why did the ass-clown run in the first place?). He has gone overseas and complained about how much America sucks, but has done nothing to actually make this country better these last 8 years. “If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon Martin”. What kind of moronic president would say something like that? How does that help anything? That’s not promoting unity, that’s promoting divisiveness. All he did was rile up black folks so us common folk would be at each other’s throats instead of focusing our anger on the politicians.

      You show your true colors when you mentioned “He was involved in anti-government bombings fifty years ago, and no one (except some bomb makers) was killed.”
      Well, ok, but that is only because Ayers and his cohorts are complete morons and some of them died while trying to build a bomb they were going to use to kill a shit load of policemen and their spouses. His failure to actually be able to kill innocent people does not make him less of an evil dipshit, deserving of life imprisonment.