The How What & Why of Bitcoin Self Custody – Epi-3211 — 2 Comments

  1. Some videos to help setting up Start 9 would be wonderful! A personal assistant to do it would be better, but I will take what I can get.

    I am about as tech retarded as you can get. My assistant would hand me her iPhone and tell me to call or text somebody, and I cannot even open the phone. I have watched her, and it really is as simple as pressing a button, but for some reason I am incompetent at this. So I use Android, even though it is not as secure as iPhone.

    I THINK I set up my Start 9 several months ago on my laptop. But it did not work with Brave browser, so I am not even sure if it is done properly. It took me hours, and in the end I was frustrated beyond belief, but did not throw my laptop or anything, thankfully. Sadly, I only use my laptop to print shipping labels and do my taxes, so my Start 9 is a paperweight.

    I would love to be able to use it on my phones. I use my phones for everything, and let’s just say that my business bleeds black, so privacy would be a huge benefit. To be fair to Start 9, they have very clear directions, and after I figured out each step, it really was just like they said, usually. As of last year, I have an IQ of 129, but just cannot get my head around technology.

    I have been in the MeWe crypto group for just over a year now, and still cannot figure out things like, how to link to the above comment that I am responding to. I also cannot find a comment after leaving the page, unless it is on the main thread. Trust me, tech and I are not friends. I would gladly have paid twice the price for my Start 9 if it came with a person to set it up for me. Haha!!

    Happily, I do have a hardware wallet where I keep all of my Bitcoin, so I can manage to figure some things out.

    Thanks for the show Jack. You have inspired me to make tremendous changes in my life, but your tech savvy has not bled over yet.

  2. Hi, Jack, and other readers. After hearing this episode I was encouraged to break the seal on my still-boxed Trezor 1, install the Trezor Suite on my Mac, and move my Coinbase holdings to my Trezor. Only after that, though, did I realize that there was no Trezor mobile app so now it appears that I’m stuck doing all of my transactions sitting at my desk. (So much for buying stuff with crypto while wandering through the flea market.) If I install the Exodus mobile wallet on my phone, how do I transfer my holdings from the Trezor app on my desktop to the Exodus app on desktop/phone? I’m just getting my feet wet with crypto and don’t want to loose what i already hold. What I need is probably out there some where but so far all I have found seems to be about setting up a new wallet, not transferring from an existing wallet using one app to another app. Any help would be greatly appreciated!