Biochar Resources — 13 Comments

  1. Thanks for the podcast today Jack, a lot useful information, well presented , much appreciated.

      • Jack, you mentioned feed efficiency improvements in livestock with biochar.
        This abstract on carp suggests that the inoculation really can influence the feed conversion and weight gain.
        Poultry waste inoculation saw a 256% increase in weight gain in carp fingerlings! But the charts show that other inoculations aren’t as effective. So folks need to either research studies or experiment to find what works for their animals.

  2. Thanks Jack, I enjoyed your recent episodes on biochar. It was very timely as I also listen to Peter McCormack and he had 2 episodes on our energy future and both of his guests demonized wood burning for contributing to carbon emissions. Maybe if they knew the data about biochar and rocket stoves/mass heaters it would be an eyeopener for them. It reminds me of Bitcoin getting lumped in with crypto by the media. I will check out these resources and start making my own biochar for my garden this year.

  3. I have a picture of what I think is biochar and is there a way I can check it before I add it to my garden dirt??

  4. Uh oh, just purchased and received the “best BioChar kiln” and their website is a dead link, I was trying to access their instructional video. Do you have a way to confirm if this is simply an anomaly or they are shut down? I can’t find a phone number for them on any of the included packaging.

  5. Just finished the book “Burn” by Albert Bates & Kathleen Draper – very comprehensive account of the emerging BioChar revolution on a global scale and the many practical uses for it, whether locally or commercially, but beware that I detected a climate change hysteria and/or vegan undertone (generally they are strange bedfellows) to the information, but still seems well-researched and recommended for your BioChar library. If nothing else, it expands your vocabulary and may fuel your obsession with creating and implementing BioChar into your homestead.