Big Announcement and a Request for a Favor — 25 Comments

  1. Looks like FB is on/off but already lots of folks have posted on Gary’s wall.
    Congrats Jack, this is going to be a great show when it happens.
    I can’t wait.

  2. This is great! I met Gary last year when he rolled through OKC. Awesome guy and awesome message. Thank you Jack for booking him!

  3. Always a great topic. Never gets enough attention.

    BTW – “…854,000 Titter followers…” Is that a Freudian slip? ;^)

  4. Wow, suprised about all of the FB post already. Wonder if he will move up the date if 5,000 people thank him or at least listen to a few shows and get hooked.

  5. @Rabbitdave, I doubt it this is all part of his coming book tour, you don’t go promoting a book until it is available. He is also busier than a one legged man in a butt kicking contest, I am just stoked to have his commitment.

  6. Done, You seldom ask favors with a good reason.

    As such I have done as you have asked.

    I look forward to a TSP podcast about the book and the man, should you find either time or bandwidth.

    Jack, No matter what else may occur, thanks for the hard work and dedication.

  7. Nice that you finally got your wish. Congrats! 🙂

    Also, very clever method of getting his attention. I’m going to write that down and see if I can use it myself some time with some people I am wanting to contact…

  8. Once you get promoted by Gary V, that may very well be the moment when you cross over and get on the radar of the mainstream media also. Any thoughts on that eventuality? What will it entail for TSP?

  9. @A.H.A. The only thing I really have planned for TSP is to keep growing the audience and community so that the most people can be helped. I have already been approached by a variety of main stream media, nothing has fit so nothing has happened.

    I have hopes of more of a online station approach at some point in the future but my show itself will only change as my audience demands, after all they are the ones that own it, I just work here.

  10. Left Gary a message and even got a short note from him in return. Nice touch. Looking forward to hearing the interview and I’ll be looking for his book(s) in the meantime.

  11. I must have lucked out, it was up & running just fine when I went to comment. And he cusses a lot? Cool. ;-P

  12. Jack, you post your request and FB crashes?

    Better be careful what you ask for 5k may just respond!

  13. Oh yeah, more posts to his FB wall in the last 12 hours then in the previous five and a half days, I checked…

  14. Great job Jack!

    Gary has an awesome wine show and is very entertaining. It seems has personally replied to all the TSP’ers comments.

  15. Personal brand as a method of survival? Come on. Gary is a rock star. He has been a tremendous success and I enjoy his show. But why don’t you also have on Chris Cornell and have him explain how to become a rock star so we can all make money in the music biz. Gary is one in a million. He is a success story not a survival tutorial.

  16. @notalot No, it’s not a survival topic. It is a MODERN survival topic. And it is very relevant to becoming debt free. Being debt-free makes you independent and more self-sustaining and hence, better able to survive minor disasters like job-loss which are the most likely to happen according to Jack’s disaster probability matrix. TSP is about being able to survive ALL possible scenarios that could disrupt your life…not just TEOTWAWKI.

    Besides, the exposure that Jack will get will increase awareness of the modern survival movement. I can’t see the down-side. I, personally, don’t want to be a slave to the government OR an employer.

  17. @notalot I responded to your comment today on the air use the colloquialism “my hairy ass”. I am apologizing for that here to you because I happened to see this comment during a pause and didn’t give sufficient time to think before answering, that said I still feel the same way I would just have chosen to phrase it differently. Such is almost live programming.

    Let’s logically examine your claim. First Gary’s message is not to be like him, it is to be yourself and work your guts out to be the best at what you love that you can, to build that into a personal brand that helps you with anything from a part time business to a full time income or even just being a far more marketable employee.

    This you say is not a “survival tutorial”? Really so how do you pay your bills, do you buy any of your food, do you put gas in your car using money etc.?

    IF you are going to tell me that learning to

    1. Be a more marketable employee
    2. Develop independent income
    3. Grow your personal network of connections
    4. Find your true passion and a way to live it

    Are not survival related than the following also are not survival related.

    1. Economics
    2. Precious Metals
    3. Secondary Communications
    4. Debt elimination
    5. Personal Liberty

    We live in a society driven by economics and money to a degree that relates directly to freedom and independence within our society (you can debate whether that’s ethical or not but it doesn’t matter because what is, simply is). Now if the total TEOTWAWKI occurs much of that will change but if that is all you are preparing for you have not been paying attention to me very much.

    Survivalists that only prepare for “the end” what ever they have conjured for themselves to believe “the end” to be are missing a lot of boats.

    To me personal financial independence may be the biggest survival topic of them all. Even if you want to go off grid with 80 acres in the wilderness, priced any such land lately? Priced a solar system lately? Priced a furnace? A wood stove? Farm equipment? etc?

  18. Awesome. Talk about worlds colliding! My two absolutely favorite things on the web are TSP and wine library TV.