Episode-2838- The Coming Bifurcation of Society — 8 Comments

  1. Hey Jack, there is a global app called Humbl coming soon that is based on peer to peer blockchain. Thru the Humbl app, it will allow businesses, freelancers, and individuals to conduct secure global transactions all within the App. Initially it will be in 40 countries, and they are going thru the process with regulations to get approved in the U.S. The App holds great promise for all types of people that own their own business. They also just bought an ongoing ticketing system, Tickeri, which will be merged into the Humbl App.
    I’m a stock investor, is traded as TSNPD currently until it changes to HMBL later this month following a merger as it looks to eventually trade on the NASDAQ. Some say it will be trading for $10/share by the end of the year.
    They have a top caliber management team, you may want to consider having the CEO on your show – Brian Foote.
    Here’s more details on Humbl –

  2. I think Captain Jack is right, per usual.
    I really should listen to his show at a desk with pen in hand. I think I will do just that for this and the last episode.
    One way to know a person is genuine is consistency. Jack Spirko has been ringing this bell for 13 years. The underlying message has not changed at all. I am happy to the extent I have followed his advice. This episode is a serious azimuth check, as we seem to be collectively “moving to contact” with circumstances that will bring everything he teaches to the fore. Thank you.

  3. Jack,

    Are you aware of Podcasting 2.0?

    Adam and Dave are working to decentralize podcasting so Spotify and Apple aren’t the main gate keepers to content and podcasters can’t be blacklisted. They’re even working on getting the directory into IPFS to further decentralize.

    They’re also trying to figure out a value for value model that streams Satoshi’s from the listener to the podcaster to hopefully minimize advertisers controlling the space.

    My favorite part is the chapters namespace, which would be perfect for your Q&A and expert council shows.

    As a side note, the image url in your rss feed throws a 404 error when a Progressive Web App tries to link to it. Might want to changes your CORS settings to allow hotlinking to the image.

  4. I started buying substantial amounts of bitcoin in January because with Biden as president, the dollar seems like it will be in more trouble than ever. I think there is a danger of govt regs at some point for BTC.

    I have also considered a Bitcoin IRA but I have not done that yet. This would be transferring money that is already in an IRA from years ago. I have not been adding to any IRA stuff for years