Better Health for Family & Homestead with the Carnivore Diet – Epi-3379 — 1 Comment

  1. I’ve been looking into plastics and it sounds like it’s more toxic and problematic than most realize. Actually it probably wouldn’t be that bad if it wasn’t used for EVERYTHING. All that exposure from various sources accumulates over time.

    Even polypropylene (the least toxic of all plastics) is only safe as long as it remains intact. Any nicks and scratches allow the toxins to leach from it. It might not kill you right away but it can eventually cause cancer, compromise your immune system, and really screw with your body’s hormones — turning you into a very convenient customer for pill poppers.

    Ironically, I think plastic might be the Elite’s most sustainable product by providing a self-regulating consumerist market trend (although morally reprehensible, it’s actually quite the elegant ploy).

    And one positive about paper straws is that at least you’re not putting plastic in your mouth. Ingesting these toxins gives them the best opportunity to really cause some damage. You may not notice it, but like Jack said, we don’t realize how sick we really are because we’ve never actually been healthy — at least not like our ancestors were.