Episode-2724- There is a Better Way to do This — 18 Comments

    • Ironically given the subject I think if I remember right this is a roof top on a high rise in NYC.   Not a green house though.  Open to the sky above.

      • Thank you, misunderstood the setting.  I need to dig into him a bit at some point.  Looks like he is loving life; good image for the quote.

        But I have duckweed to figure out first; and a tilapia feasibility before Saturday, (so I can ask informed questions.)

        Thank you for the podcast.

  1. Just scanning the show notes here – What made you start to think agenda 21 was real ? That was never a very popular CT


        I know, I think I have been looking into agenda 21 for 12 years or so and there was evidence back then. It’s strange that it has been that long.

        There’s a soviet style apartment building in Natick MA that my 90 year old mother finds shocking almost but she won’t listen to anything I tell her about agenda 21

        • Evidence? WTF are you talking about. Evidence would indicate something hidden that must be proven. There is nothing about agenda 21 that is hidden, it is all in the open. Asking for evidence of Agenda 21 is like asking for evidence of the existence of the state of say Texas.

  2. I think agenda 21 is admitted but most people have never heard of it and have never heard of building 7. If you tried to explain it to them, they wouldn’t believe you or wouldn’t care. A few others think that changing the roads into bicycle trails and some similar things is a good idea, though it goes well beyond that.

    • Freaking out about shit like this is why no one listens to you about the stuff that is real.

  3. I got out in 2016 and went looking for my plot of land and I finally found it Dec 2019. My criterion evolved as I looked for property. I was from windy southern Alberta Canada (Claresholm – heart of Chinook country). I was in a 6 bedroom 2 bathroom house with attached 20X40′ deck with shop & garage below on a 50X140′ lot. I said I needed more outside than inside. I found my property now … it was serendipities but it took over 3 years. I started off looking near Kimberley, BC as I wanted mountains since I was a prairie girl & was tired of the dam wind. I helped my Aunt in Kimberley move from a 5 acre property to a town apartment. We cleaned up a ton of STUFF — hoarding runs in our family. I explored many, many properties but found them severely expensive in this area. I knew when I saw the property I would know it was “IT” but didn’t find it there. I spent the next winter looking after my grandchildren — Granny Nanny! Next I went to Rock Creek, BC where I looked at sharing property with my cousin but the community was null & void. I spent the winter again as Granny Nanny. Next I went & spent some time at another Aunt & Uncle’s in the Columbia Valley looking for property there — I liked this area because of the people => community minded. While visiting a senior friend of my Aunt’s she proposed I buy her property & that was it 🙂 I have bought this property — it ticks all my boxes! The district is not restrictive of all the areas in BC it is the least restrictive. It’s half way between Radium & Golden … most important that it’s close enough to my grandchildren. The previous owners were extreme hoarders & the place was neglected with rats taking over the out buildings but nothing that isn’t fixable. I’m following my dream of building a Family Reunion Campground & screw the scamdemic!

    Thank you Jack for all you do!!! You are a breath of fresh air & I appreciate listening to your podcasts! I only recently caught on to you through Curtis Stone but am binging on your work. Best thing anyone can ever do is listen to podcasts while working away.

  4. Jack,

    You should research the spanish flu, it’s just another historical claim with questionable data that can’t be proven. They say so many died in the US but if you add up the numbers for individual cities and states, either it seems very exaggerated or they don’t have the data.

    People died of many other things at the time or even experimental vaccines on military bases. Others have said there was alot of deaths from pneumonia or other causes. There was even a nurse from that time who said vaccines killed most of the soldiers classified as flu victims. There just isn’t enough data to verify any of it. Most people supposedly died in urban areas.

    Eskimos died in higher numbers but I would question what was really going on there too.

    The entire narrative that the flu could wipe out large portions of the population just seems like another highly doubtful claim by the establishment and the flu doesn’t seem like anything to be affraid of. If you eliminate the claims about the spanish flu then you have nothing at all on influenza as some andromeda strain thing

  5. Actually, I think for many the pushback against your advice to get out of flashpoint cities is because one way or another their wealth & prosperity is heavily vested in the city in which they live/work. Their career, their house, their FUTURE PENSION… all tied heavily to the fortunes of said city, so they will rationalize the position of convincing themselves & others to stay and “fight” (whatever the hell the latter is supposed to entail). Totally understandable, and we see it all the time in debates about social security, entitlement programs, pensions, government contracts, etc.

    But that vested interest (especially when combined with unchecked ego) makes it hard, if not near impossible, to analyze the situation objectively and/or rationally. And you know, for some of these people staying might actually be the better option given their unique situation. But if not being objective about the trends, they’re likely to make mistakes and lose opportunities that keeps them from making the best of their situation in said city.

    • I thought so too, until I started a dialog with those doing the most push back. The most mouthy of them lived just outside Omaha Nebraska. None who answered my query as to where do you live lived anywhere near any of these places. I am sure some do but not the ones shrieking at me about it. So far anyway.

      Lots of mouthy shit about being a x solider, having a sniper rifle, etc. none about this is my home. Ego is well above intellect at this point.

      • Huh. Ya know, I can get a person acting out of fear of losing what they have… but a person worried about losing some far-away ideological struggle in a city they don’t even live close to? I’m not sure if that makes it better or worse.

        Sounds silly on the surface, but maybe self-reflection and checking one’s ego as a future show topic is not so outlandish.

  6. Me and my family moved out of the city 10 years ago and are very glad we did. The street we lived on for 22 years has turned into a mini ghetto. Houses shuttered, trash in yards, and the occasional crack house.

    And given changes in the last few years, most of my family and friends that used to laugh at my warnings are no longer laughing. Lots of sunshine patriots out there, but at least they’re finally seeing the light. Whatever it takes to get you to the dance, I guess.

    When the corrupt are in power and the public is of low intelligence or poorly educated, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to predict that the arrows on the charts will inevitably start pointing downwards. America was/is the greatest nation on Earth and its foundations of freedom make it a huge threat to the PTB. It’s been a systematic destruction for a very long time; telegraphed punch, a dismantling – one brick at a time.



  7. Here’s basic math from a developer, using agenda 21, which in someway has been updated to agenda 2030.

    Base numbers easy to understand not exact but datn close.

    One acre of land can be turned into 4 home lots. If you zero lit line you can do 6. Total state employment tax is a rough 30k. Assuming, that all owners take home 150k per year. PUCO tax fees amounts to another 10 per house +/-.

    ONE acre done in apartments can hold with ease 32 units. Assume no one makes more than 10.00 an hour or 20 to the housing unit. The employment tax is 60k per year plus minus. Same PUCO only time 32 units. This assumes I only build 4 units high. If I own air space and more ground I can go way higher


    There is also no road maintenance, busses don’t have to travel all over to get those 32 families of kids.

    And, last truly not least, your dwelling unit peoe are more likely to rat you out.

    Point being, not that you did not already know this, Jack is  correct, get out if the city, get out now. Make a plan. Write it down, just do it.

  8. I’m late to this dance, and I’ve already left this comment on one of your videos, but I think it is worth repeating:

    Why stop at leaving the cities? Have you ever considered leaving the USA for another country? As one who believes the only important vote is the one I make with my feet, this is what I am doing.

    Hopefully I’m wrong, but it sure appears to me that the USA is beyond “saving” at this point.