Episode-2737- Dr. Ken Berry and Jack Spirko on the Proper Human Diet — 6 Comments

  1. I guess this is strictly anecdotal, but on a bet, which I won, I went 30 days grain free. First off, I’ve endorsed this as a diet every since mainly because it opened my eyes to just how difficult it is to avoid everything containing grains. It’s not as simple as avoiding bread and corn; there’s grain products or byproducts in nearly everything processed or even in condiments.
    I’m a mostly healthy individual. At the time of this “bet” I was 32 years old, 5’7” and 150lbs. At day three, I was craving a piece of bread! And I was eating three meals a day, and I had meat for or on every meal, so I wasn’t starving.
    So again, only anecdotal, but for myself, I was and probably now again ADDICTED to grains.
    Thanks for another great show, Jack

  2. I’m down over 40 pounds thanks to Jack talking about his keto journey. Thanks, Jack!

    What was that “prepper” protein bar thing that Dr. Berry mentioned and what was the one Jack mentioned?

  3. Looking around in Mongolia feels a little like what I remember growing up in the US in the 80’s and 90’s… there are fat people, but they’re not the majority and there’s not a huge number of OBESE people. Rice & noodles (& potatoes) are common enough in local/ traditional foods, but not to the same degree as in most parts of Asia. Probably the biggest feature of Mongolian food is that whenever possible the meat is the big star of the meal. Vegetables are becoming a bigger staple (which is good), but meat is still king. I remember an older Mongolian in the extended family referring to potatoes as “starvation food”, something you eat more of only when the good stuff (the meat) is running out.

    One thing I can’t help notice is the ones who ARE fatter tend to be in the cities vs. the countryside. I would also say the percentage of overweight people here is higher than when I first visited here 10 years ago. The availability and variety of snack foods & soda is much higher now (especially the closer you get to the cities) and in recent years the first KFC, Burger King, and Pizza Hut franchises have made their appearance too. THAT can’t be helping. Bread & vodka & beer have been a common part of the Mongolian diet for many decades now (thanks to influence from the Soviet Union & the Germans), but the massive availability of modern snack foods, processed foods, and sodas is a much more recent trend. I’m sure there’s an exercise component there too, but the cities were here before this started so I’d guess changes in diet are the bigger culprit.

  4. Jack had a Doctor on many years ago that said tequila was the only alcohol to drink if you are going to stay low carb. I would imagine that beer, hard ciders fufu drinks etc are about as bad as it gets. If a guy is going to go out for a drink what is the best recommendation?

    • Dan, almost nothing about that comment is accurate but it is strangely based on fact.

      The person was Rob Wolf (not a doctor but a scientist) who stated to drink only clear liquors (which tequila is) in moderation, extreme moderation. He then gave a recipe for what he calls a “Nor Cal Margarita” which is basically tequila, lime juice and a shot of sparkling water. His advice would not suggest you don’t drink say vodka, gin, moonshine, etc. though.

      His reasoning was clearing toxins faster which includes the sparkling water as you get a quicker buzz but also a faster exit.

      This really had very little to do with low carb or paleo (which Rob is more of) or keto. It was more look if you want a drink it is all poison but here is the least bad way to imbibe in moderation.

      I have to say though if you are in loss mode NONE is the real way to go at most one night a week and it fucks up fat burning (even in moderation) for 48 or more hours. Here is why the upshot is you can’t burn glucose while any alcohol is in your system. Translation the fastest way to kill yourself is with high booze and high sugar drinks, like typical restaurant margaritas, screwdrivers, vodka and cranberry juice, Mai Tais, etc.

  5. I hadn’t heard the ‘no vegetable oils’ advice. This pretty much = zero processed foods (100% contain cheap vegetable oils). =)

    Is the real secret that you’re only eating REAL food?

    Sorta related, reading a book on the Mongols and one of the reasons given for their success is that they were eating THIS diet, and their opponents were living on carbs. In the multi-day battles the carb eaters would crash, while the Mongols could just keep on going.

    Some quotes:
    “Marco Polo alleged that the Mongol warriors could travel ten days without stopping to make a fire or heat food…”

    “Compared to the Jurched soldiers, the Mongols were much healthier and stronger. The Mongols consumed a steady diet of meat, milk, yogurt & other dairy products, and they fought men who lived on gruel made from various grains.”

    “The grain diet of the peasant warriors stunted their bones, rotted their teeth, and left them weak and prone to disease…Unlike the Jurched soldiers, who were dependent on a heavy carbohydrate diet, the Mongols could easily go a day or two without food.”

    “To the Mongols, the farmers’ fields were just grasslands, as were the gardens, and the peasants were like grazing animals rather than REAL HUMANS WHO ATE MEAT.”[my emphasis]