Episode-771- Ben Falk on Growing Rice in Cold Climates with Permaculture — 7 Comments

  1. I find most things that Ben Falk says extremely interesting . He’s a very bright young man

    • Thanks for mentioning Erik – yes, he’s planting bottomland paddies and starting to do this at a sizeable scale 1-2 acres/5-10k lbs. There are as of this year many many small growers starting up as well. This is going to be a real local crop on the market very soon, it seems.

  2. This was a great show. Ben’s PDC sounds great; it sounds really expensive, but for two weeks of instruction plus room and board it’s not too bad. Hopefully I can swing it.

  3. There has been wild rice grown in St. Maries ID for many years, just about 30 or so miles south of us. But I never realized how much one could harvest from a small plot like 1000 sq ft. Something I’m going to research more over the winter. Thanks to Ben & Jack for one of those “wake up calls”!

  4. Wow what a great show I have always wondered about growing rice in cold weather beause they do it in asia and I know there are some very cold areas there. I wish Ben and Jack would have went in more of the nuts and bolts of growing rice. Maybe when Ben comes back for another show he could talk more about that. Thanks guys it was fun.

  5. Wild rice has been grown &/or cultivated in the north, such as MN, where I am from since before the quakers thought about set up a new church on the east coast. The USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service has publications on how to grow the stuff and it is better tasting and better for you than the regular brown stuff.