Episode-927- Frank Belcastro of Independence USA — 12 Comments

  1. What a great guest!
    And we still have one butternut squash left from last year’s garden- still looks great and it’s the end of June. Love having last year’s garden continue to feed us through-out the year!

  2. this was a great show. frank had such an energy about him with how he spoke. it’s great to hear other like minded people that are so positive about what they’re doing. it encourages me to continue down the road in spite of obstacles.

  3. Thanks Frank! Love your show and I think you are a great example for other men to lead their family to self-sufficiency. It’s a good thing!

  4. Frank is a great guy. Loved the show he was on and hope we see more of him and his family.

  5. I rarely miss having a TV, but this is one of those times. Sure would like to watch Frank’s show.

    • Wait, it’s online? I’m a little slow on the uptake here (OK, just about everywhere), checking it out right now!

  6. Frank’s show is very interesting and entertaining. He and his entire family do a great job.

  7. Summer solstice. Jack started by mentioning that you can ‘map’ the route of the sun on the solstice. On the summer solstice the full moon follows the same route as the sun will take on the winter solstice. So – if you track the next full moon you’ll be very close to the winter solstice sun exposure. The same goes for the winter solstice – the full moon follows the track of the summer solstice sun.

    You can track both the summer and winter solar exposure with this method. Happy solar and lunar tracking.

  8. Color me confused: Frank talks about being able to watch Independence USA, but I just checked the GBTV website, and there hasn’t been a new episode since March 14th (the season finale). What gives? When does the new season start?