You are Being Played, Again – Epi-3153 — 7 Comments

  1. One of your best podcasts ever. We should all share this with our friends and families.

  2. Awesome show Jack! I second Scott here and agree that it was certainly one of your best. Another reminder of how you’re helping us live a better life if times get tough or even if they don’t. I love how you’re able to put things into perspective and look at the bigger picture, not just in our own lives but also in terms of society. I won’t bow down or take a knee for none of these ass-clowns!

  3. I’d love a better solution too. Since that’s not an option and the system is falling apart anyways… screw it, I’ll take my 10k. I’m already paying taxes so why not take the money? We give a gazillion dollars to Ukraine every other week anyways.

  4. I’ve been listening off and on since 2011.
    You knocked it out of the park!
    You have some timeless gems, this is there in the top 100!

  5. Random question thrown in here – I’m wondering how much room the complete set of files from day one will take up on my 8TB hard drive – or a ball park guess?