Episode-299- Becoming a Rifleman — 6 Comments

  1. Fantastic show Jack! Being a “Rifleman” is a subject I’ve taken an interest in lately, and it’s fantastic to hear you produce a show on it. Thanks for the show!

  2. Great show today Jack. Great video also, and thanks for both. As for me, accuracy is to be able to 1 shot 1 kill WHATEVER I am shooting at. Be it game or for protection. 🙂
    GunsandAmmo Guy AKA Frank

  3. I own two rifles:

    One is the WWII Garand .30 and the other is a Ruger Mini 14 .223 Cal.

    My question relates to the type of ammo that I need. My use would be for security and/or practice rounds.

    I notice that there are rounds with different grains in them. What guide can I use to pick the best round for my rifles

    Any help or reference would be appreciated.


  4. Super show.

    I liked that you took non-gun people from the beginning to the modern era very logically and clearly. Calling a muzzle loader a “load from the front gun” was great. You walked people through ballistics without sounding like the science class in high school I slept through. You also didn’t use a lot of gun jargon, which is key to having non-gun people follow along and get something out of the podcast.

    I also really liked the point you made about accuracy being “hitting what your target is” and acknowledging that each person has a different target. The line about paper targets not attacking you or providing you food was very good.

    I bench rest shoot a little but try to limit it because I find myself getting all worked up over a half inch at 100 yards. Then I realize that this won’t help–it will actually hurt–with practical shooting just like you explained. If you want to obsess over a half inch and that’s your hobby, that’s cool. But sweating details is what I do all week; I don’t need that on the weekends at the range.

    Another great point, and that preppers really need to hear, is that a .22LR is a “centerfire simulator.” So, so, so true. I shoot way more .22LR now than anything else. And I can clearly tell it improves my centerfire shooting.

  5. A great show on the theory of rifles and bullets.
    One can always learn from this young man.
    An amazing wealth of knowlege.