Episode-1689- Why You Should Become A Gun Owner — 12 Comments

  1. My oldest daughter wants to get a pistol. She used to be a little bit anti-gun. Not bad, but a little. A few years ago she asked what I wanted for my birthday, and I told her I wanted her to go to a Apple seed shoot with me. She could not come the first day (Saturday) so came on Sunday. The instructors paid special attention to her, since she was new to guns and missed the first day. Towards the end of the day, one of the other shooters let her shoot his ar10.

    The problem with her getting a gun is her husband. He is a paramedic and has seen the aftermath of some terrible tragedies. They have 2 daughters aged 11 and 12. So they are part of the worry. I think the end solution is going to involve a finger print lock box.

    Apple seed is the best thing in the world if you want to introduce someone to guns.

    • Sadly there are a lot of people here that want it that way here. These people think they are “anti gun” but what they are is very much pro gun. There are for the State having all the guns to use to enforce the states will.

  2. While in the midst of tragedy in Paris, there was a story that isn’t being broadcast much in the US. Two ISIS thugs burst into a restaurant, and started to shoot. Unbeknownst to the ISIS idiots, there were three men, two of them Columbian suspected drug traffickers in that restaurant. The stood up, pulled their illegal pistols, and shot the two ISIS terrorists dead. I believe they left the restaurant rather quickly after that, but the fact remains, without the Columbians, those diners were looking at a grim future.

  3. I was wrong on the above story. I am reading now it may be a hoax after all that three drug traffickers shot two ISIS attackers in Paris. Wish it were true, what a great story.

  4. Jack,
    Really liked the show. Can you update the podcast to properly reflect the Uber driver story and the date before I share it? I followed the link and it is dated April 21, 2015, which was not after the San Bernadino shootings.

    I want to share the podcast, but don’t want it thrown back in my face because of the date. I’m sure you were fed the link and were told the story. You taught me a long time ago to verify stuff before accepting.

    • Well I am sorry I used the info I had that was wrong, I can do a correction on today’ show but I don’t go back and edit past episodes.

  5. I live in San Bernardino CA after this shooting 2 of my sister in laws who have never even held a gun and my father in law all want me to take them out and teach them how to shoot and want to use all of my hand guns to help them choose what to buy. Also many people at my job are now going and buying their first gun. So I am now telling people how to go get their permit to carry since San Bernardino county is one of the easiest counties in the state to get a CCW. Also I love the show Jack I have been listening since the very beginning you helped me so much I appreciate everything you do.

  6. By far one of your best shows. Loved the finale the most. You always put it all together just right, but this time you added some serious icing on the cake. Indeed, this is part of our heritage and that is being ripped away everywhere we look.
    Thanks Jack.

  7. Thank you for the show. I signed up for a class, but don’t yet have a weapon. I am a 56 yo woman who does a lot of hiking and running alone (sometimes for 20-30 miles and always in the forest or on BLM land). Any suggestions on what type of weapon to carry with me?

    • Yea I do as I said in the show, go to a shop with a range, rent guns and figure out what you like, what handles, points well, carries well, etc for YOUR NEEDS. No bad guy asks what caliber or model you are shooting him with.