Be a Part of Episode 1000 and Revolution 2.0 — 13 Comments

  1. I sent some pictures but did not put “revolution 2.0” should I send them again. I wrote I wrote pictures for 100th episode.

  2. Keep up the good work I will be listening and watching you all can make a difference you have a great idea. You need to publish the where and when on your broadcast and the difference way to listen.

    The Survival Guy.

  3. just watched the first video and can’t believe how much it affected me. seeing all those families working to make a better life was so powerful… i feel privileged that i can count myself among those numbers now.

  4. After watching the first video I was moved to become involved, and get my kids involved as well. This is the kind of stuff that can cross generations.

  5. It can get expensive to ring from overseas… do you have an altenative for your worldwide audience? Perhaps we can send you some recorded audio?
    How would you like it?
    Lucid in WA(Western Australia)

    • @Pistol: I ended up doing that too. I hope it doesn’t sound too much like I scripted it… Haha!