Battery Bank Workshop – Now With Solar Power — 4 Comments

  1. I have the first in NV combo on and off grid residential 5.5 / 6.0 kW PV system utilizing a battery bank, charge controllers, AC & DC bus box, and provisions to tie my generator(s) to the system if desired. Please reply and give me an address where I can send email and attached photos if you are interested. I also installed a Master cool unit for my garage to “bug in” in the event of a power failure in Summer, and use pool water to feed the cooler. I am a longtime member of ASHRAE which helped me layout and configure this system based on 28 Evergreen polycrystaline panels, two 600 VDC charge controllers, one Xantrex 6048 inverter/PLC, and a 3.0 kWh GSM battery bank. Total expense $24 K doing myself, hiring electric contractor where required, and programming for how I use. Rebates from utility plus tax credits reduce cost by about $13K. Payback estimated at 8 years. Peace of mind? Priceless.

    I can hang out minus grid power in summer for weeks, keeping the frig running, the garage cool (or a section of the house), and cooking food for me and my neighbors. Add four spare APX 1.0 kWh UPS systems in a box and we’re just fine in case of a grid failure (except EMP attack). Of course recharging the multi-band ham handhelds will be easy.

    Looking forward to sharing with others….