Episode-2299- The Basics of Being Prepared for Most Things – Part One — 5 Comments

  1. The most recent battery charger you recommend, the TGX 8-bay, is a winner. I have had a Powerex MH-C800S charger for a while and always wished I had a car adapter for it since the input connector is not a barrel style. So, when I bought a charger for our scout troop, I got the TGX. It comes with a car adapter and is half the price of the no-longer-available Powerex.

    Thanks for your product recommendations and all you do for us.


  2. A great show as always, thanks Jack! These type of episodes are great refreshers. I’ve always liked your take on gas storage. One thing you don’t mention often is where to store gas. Any thoughts on gas storage in a typical neighborhood with little, or no, out buildings (i.e. sheds, detached garage, etc…)? Thanks again!