Episode-434- The Basic Financial Education We Never Get in School — 6 Comments

  1. Enjoyed todays program. I would like to hear how the big financial companies make money. (The likes of Goldman Sachs, etc.) Seems like they are making big bucks in this economy.

    I understand how a normal manufacturing or service company makes money by giving added value to the materials or services they provide.

    But I always thought that the likes of these companies make money by helping their clients. If this is the case then their clients are making even more money.

    And I always thought that they were basically gambling on such things as the stock market, commoditys, etc. But if this is the case, then there should be a loser on the other side. Who is losing such large sums of money.

    More recently I beleive they have found a way to make their money from nothing. But they still use it to compete against the real workers for the limited commoditys in the market.

    Like to hear your thoughts on this.

  2. Good comprehensive show, thanks Jack.

    I’d quite like to hear a show expanding on the philosophy of personal finance. The #1 rule is no debt and I guess “buy the best you can afford” are some examples.

    I think I’d find this of great practical use.

  3. @ Tony,

    How do the banksters make good money in this economy? They print more money, steal from the masses (sometimes at gunpoint), and get the sheeple in debt for life.

  4. Jack,

    Great show! You inspired me to do more research on how all this stuff fits together. Keep up the great work.