Heads Up on a New Grow Light – Barina LED 6 Packs for 60 Bucks! — 2 Comments

  1. Jack, you’re a jerk!  LOL!

    These look awesome!  Thanks for the preemptive recommendation.  I’ll pickup the 2 footers today to replace the pair of Kingbows I have in a similar mini greenhouses.  Pretty much my size limit here in the burbs, I have it out on the side of my house.

    Tip for the mini greenhouse:  Wrap some reflective bubblewrap around the frame then install the plastic cover over the wrapped frame.  Instant DIY grow-tent, well kinda anyway.  The reflective surface helps contain/concentrate the light for better efficiency.  In my case it also reduces light leakage, important since it’s only ~8ft from my neighbor’s kitchen window.  This should work…

    The wrap is only 4ft tall, so won’t wrap the whole body of the greenhouse.  I have the same issue, so only bothered with the upper 4ft of the frame walls.  Didn’t bother with the roof or the bottom 1ft.  With the brighter lights though, I may need to address the roof, for my neighbor’s sake.


  2. Thanks for the research on these! Got all three & can’t wait to try them out. Was looking at a grow tent but this is stupid cheap & worth a try. Grow tent will happen eventually