Episode-1566- What the Baltimore Riots Say about our Future — 36 Comments

  1. I saw the video of the shooting. The cop shot him running away and the video shows the cop throwing the taser down after shooting him

  2. I think you may have mixed up two current incidents at the beginning of your podcast Jack. The one in Oklahoma is different from the one that the officer shot the other fellow in the back. The one in Oklahoma is the elderly reserve officer/deputy that, incompetently most likely, drew and used his pistol instead of his Taser on a person resisting detention or arrest.

  3. I just wanted to offer up a slight correction– at 31:00 you read part of an article detailing Tulsa reserve Deputy, Roberts Bates (who accidentally shot Eric Harris with his 38 special thinking he pulled his taser), but you riffed on the SC shooting of Walter Scott. So many to keep track of these days!

    Great show.

    • I have reviewed that, it is a compelling case and it is STILL THE CASE that in the end the officer damn near emptied a magazine into the back of a man running directly away from him. Let us add to that his crime was being behind on his child support.

  4. I resisted watching some news coverage, but I did take some in. The mayor of Baltimore seems like an idiot. More proof of stupidity by government.

    • Mayor Rawlins-Blake is a political tool. Her first loyalty is with the DNC and the agenda of the Obama administration and the welfare and her fiduciary duty to the people of Baltimore and the city come last.

      To understand fully how the powers that have authority over the people benefit from intentionally fomented race riots, the political connections and reasons behind actions (and inactions) taken must be discussed and the money trail cannot be ignored.

      Jack chose not to address these players and influences in the podcast and I think it did a disservice to the topic. However, I can understand the limitations of the length of the podcast in that consideration of how much information can be discussed.

  5. I was with you for most of it. As a person who lives in Detroit, I don’t think you’re quite right about cities being abandoned. There are plenty of people who live here who can’t get out.

    • I don’t think that’s what he meant by abandoned. The people in charge with money, the elites, and even just the hard working business owners will leave. “There’s been massive riots here on and off for the past year, huge portions of the city are gone, why would I want my factory here?” “I have to close down all locations of my gas stations/grocery stores in Detroit for the safety of my employees” (never mind the fact that uh your employees live in Detroit already and depend on you)

      And they’d be perfectly justified in their decision.

      Left wing will use it to demonize business owners (how dare they abandon the poor innocent low income people of Detroit!) and the right will argue back on their line.

      In the end, if there’s nothing there, you kind of have to leave. No jobs, no grocery stores left to spend your welfare checks.

      Personally, I don’t think entire cities will be abandoned but neighborhoods will be abandoned, with walls and police checkpoints to go between the wasteland and the affluent-ish (not burned) neighborhoods. Oh look, another way the state gets more power. Yay function stacking!

      And people will cheer it as it happens, of course.

    • Ah, got it. I think you understood it better than me. Though, if that’s the case, Detroit’s already been through that over the last 20+ years, and just now is starting to turn that corner… Model US city, I guess. haha.

      • Just saw this, YES YOU CAN GET OUT.

        If people got the fuck over the wall in Berlin you can get out if you want to.

  6. I’m about half way through, and just wanted to share a thought regarding the social media planning of this riot.
    #FDL means “f-ing down low”. In other words- ‘keep it a secret’. A hashtag (#) is so that it’s easily searchable. So these geniuses planned something using an easily searchable hashtag trying to keep it a secret.
    If they aren’t already, I would assume that government agencies are going to begin trolling the internet for such hashtags, to try and prevent things like this from happening again. Which means greater government control of the internet. As @Unentitled Millenial put it above – “Yay function stacking!”

    • I thought #fdl was f da law. Apparently you have a better grasp of ghetto kid internet language than I do.

      I laughed when he said pound instead of hashtag.

      Also, I’ve seen internet memes planning a “purge” in a specific time and location quite a few times before go around facebook (I try to avoid going on facebook). Obviously nobody took those ones seriously. Really interesting that that’s how this one started.

      • I like your definition, I’ve never seen it used that way before, but it fits well with what is being communicated.
        Either way, it’s easily searchable by the government to keep an eye on it.

        • I’m sure they already do. I mean preventing “domestic terrorism” would fall under one of the actual stated purposes of the NSA wouldn’t it? But they wouldn’t do anything to stop it, that doesn’t help their agenda very much.

  7. whoof! One dark podcast, but one needed to be heard. So was Al NotSoSharpton in Baltimore per chance? That guy is a baiter and while he may not want riots, he does like stirring the pot. Im sending this one to my buddy living in Cincinnati. He needs to understand what could be coming down the pike.

    Good job, Jack!

  8. Just to be clear… if I had known they were going to burn down Baltimore, I would have written the history segment a little differently. Luckily Jack pulled out the essential issue from the segment. I thank him.

    I will say that most of the nobles leading the riot in the 1560s were lower level aristocrats who felt they were getting a raw deal from the upper level. The upper level are just trying to maintain order. So… even though these ancient riots are a religious dispute, they are also a political/power dispute.

    Regarding James Wesley Rawles as a Calvinist… I don’t want to leave the impression that he might fly out of control at any moment. Far from it. I corresponded with Mr. Rawles several years ago regarding a controversial link on his website recommended by someone. The link had to do with sewage disposal or something neutral but the rest of the site was obviously “no Jews or dogs allowed,” sort of stuff.) Even before he received my complaint he had already removed the link. He knows that I am Jewish and he was gracious, respectful and kind to me in every way.

    I thank Mr. Rawles and respect his service to the country and community.

    I bought two of his books too.

    Alex Shrugged

  9. Hey Jack…remember me? I’m still here. I’m living North of Bmore now for the last year or so. I know the city well. I’ve been here 55 years minus 4 in the Marines. The demographic has changed so much in the last 20 I can see why this is happening. It’s the Liberal Democrats destroying the city. Period. look at the mayor….she came on tv today with a hat on…Under Armor logo….gee…I wonder if that wasn’t a paid plug….the Corporation known as the “United States” has trickled down to the individual states and these people (politicians) no longer represent “We The People” The city is a cash cow for them. It’s ridiculous…..I carry without a permit now because my job takes me into the city…..a knife isn’t good enough when the average punk has a Glock 23! This will not be resolved under the current system. This has all been preplanned by the people who are running the show…and they are not the politicians. I’m here at ground zero. They say it’s kids doing all the rioting? I watch the videos…I drove by them ….these arent kids…they are adults. Another question to ask is WHO is paying the tab for all of these out of town protesters…meals, hotels, transportation….you can tell who’s local and who’s bought help. Now the Bloods, Crips and Muslim Nation or whatever are together …Oh joy! I’m locked and loaded 24/7/365. the Shit is real now…not some conspiracy theory.

  10. You asked for info on knife laws in Maryland Jack.

    According to the Knife Laws section of KnifeUp, you may not carry a switchblade concealed on your person.
    Of course, it is doubtful officers knew he had a knife when they started their encounter with him.

  11. Instead of burning their city, the black community in those affected areas should withhold paying city taxes. And then hold the line as a community when the bank or cops try to evict them.

  12. Except that the vast majority are not property owners. Additionally those that are have taxes paid by their lender and are pretty stuck with that. You are at least thinking in the right direction.

  13. I join you in stating that Alex Jones is a little out there, but, it seems like you are calling a similar government motivation as Jones when you observe that the government benefits and tolerates these disruptions to its own advantage.

    The police state is rising. Through information technology, endless rules and regulations that limit freedom and property rights, and police agencies on steroids – the agenda appears to control every aspect of our lives. Obama and his left wing allies like Nancy Pelosi now recognize the “North American People” rather than the “American People.” They are pushing unhinged immigration to water down the percentage of the population that adheres to the ideals of our founding fathers, the Bill of Rights, the 2nd Amendment, etc.

    The sad truth is that the citizens of Baltimore have every reason to protest the death of the bicyclist at the hands of the state. The actions of the rioters, however, have ensured that the aggressive government conduct they deplore will seem more necessary now to many people who would otherwise support a check on state power.

    • It isn’t that Jones is totally wrong, it is that he twists real things into total bullshit and does so knowingly, to me this means he is a scum bag.

      • We should TOTALLY have an “Alex Jones Headline” contest, where we put up a rather boring and mundane article about something unimportant… and then have everyone take a crack at AlexJonesifying it 🙂

  14. How to solve this problem?

    First, neither side really wants to or has the balls to face the problem.

    On the police side, they will continuing doing with they do best, grasp more power and abusing it till they get busted, i.e., go to jail. If one were to listen to the rhetoric from about every major police department, it seems the same. We will have no outside investigations of abuse by our officers,period. Very few get charged with the crimes they commit. Many don’t care about the oath, serve and protect, instead
    we get, abuse and extort. From unlawful seizure, to the “drug wars”, to the prison “system”, to seizing your animals cause they have frozen water, the police state power and mindset is beyond belief. The tyranny they perform is growing by the day, and one day it might just affect me or you. One action that would temper the anger would be to charge the officers responsible for the death of the young man and put them in jail till they get their day in court. And since that will never happen, the pent up anger of the people that feel oppressed will continue to rage.

    From the rioters, they need to take responsibility for there own actions, such as responsible parenting, i.e., fatherless children, reinstill values, such as honesty, hard work. The lower class as Jack has said, is trapped by the “man” or state for those that don’t venture into the hood. I don’t see the positive actions happening, unfortunately.

  15. The more I look at all of this kind of stuff going on, the more I’m reminded of my extensive study of the time leading up to the American Civil War, as well as what I’ve read/heard regarding Europe in the time leading up to WWI.

    In both instances, you had old orders that had basically fossilized, and had become so rigid that political reform was impossible. You also had people insisting that there was no way that things could blow up, on all sides of the issues at play.

    But as we all know, things did blow up. Men on both sides in both conflicts, who a few years prior would have sworn that they could never take up arms against the other side found themselves cheering when war finally broke out. That’s what generally happens when you have these kinds of situations, where the tensions are unable to be resolved through “reasonable” means, people will find violence to be a welcome release of those built-up tensions.

    The time that this problem could have been “fixed” has long passed, as it was before the riots broke out. Now there’s little that any of us can do other than to try and stay out of the way as the violence flares up in different locations and plays itself out, as you suggested in your conclusion to this episode.

  16. Communities get the law enforcement that they want, through intense interest or, more commonly, through apathy and disinterest, especially when that law enforcement maintains a status quo comfortable to the largest number of voters. On rare occasions you will have the DOJ stepping in to manage the law enforcement services. Too often the term “police state” misses the issues involved but makes for a convenient statement that is too often followed by lack of personal involvement in changing the situation.

    Want to change how LE does business? Be an informed voter, select wisely the people that manage governmental services (mayor, city manager, city council, etc.). Be wary of the uninformed commentator or the voice that hurls garbage.

    Most investigations, especially high profile ones, take time to conduct. Public statements as to the progress of that investigation will often compromise that work and give grounds for a dismissal or acquittal of criminal charges. So don’t expect a blow by blow report on each step of the investigation.

    As far as giving medication to someone just in custody, it is customary to give only things known to actually be medication. I’ve made numerous drug arrests based on illicit substances found added to inhalers, sprays and otherwise benign medications. The alternative is to make the arrest a medical call until proven otherwise.