Baker Creek Seeds is My Crack Dealer – Epi-3008 — 6 Comments

  1. too funny…I have that catalog and a Seed Savers Exchange catalog…I planted seeds from 2010 recently to test them out, winter squash, had great germination.

    I think seeds are a great investment!!


  2. I like your podcast and have a suggestion to help your listeners/viewers: would you consider including a link for a 15 second rewind? It is not unusual for me to miss something said, in its entirety, and sliding the play bar back to find it. This sort of works but it is hit and miss. I would include info on such a 15 second rewind but I don’t have such and am not really tech savvy. Again, like the podcast, just my 2 cents.

  3. Baker Creek made a couple of my friends wear masks the entire time they worked there and eventually fired them for being unvaccinated. Their business is in the middle of nowhere! I would know, I live here. I have ordered their seeds for years and been very happy with them, I really don’t want to have to find another company to order from but at what point do I stop supporting businesses who do not support my values? I still shop on Amazon too so clearly I am not there yet. Has anyone put together a list of companies who support medical freedom and ethical business practices? I need to put my dollar where my mouth is. Thanks for the recommendations, I wish I didn’t find the company so distasteful.

  4. Here’s a list for Northern gardeners! I’m in Zone 5.

    Albino Beet
    Spotted Bee Balm
    Glass Gem corn
    Sunset Runner bean (pink)- the Scarlet/ Black Coat Runners outdid every expectation last year!
    Lemon Cuke–had from farmer’s market, growing our own this year
    Merlot lettuce – – did amazing as fall/early winter crop!
    Sweetglo (yellow) watermelon – – got from farmer’s market, now growing our own
    Santa Fe hot pepper – not new to us, but grows so well we grow every year
    Hopi Black Dye sunflower – trying it as poultry fodder

    Also, best podcast title ever! Lol 🙂

  5. Thank you Jack, it is so damn cold, I really appreciate the kick in the ass to get these garden plans finished off! I also really like the word divorced when applied to our culture’s loss of connection to our horticultural expression.