Episode-2652- Backyard Ponds for Fish, Fun, Food and Frogs — 1 Comment

  1. I live in Georgia with red clay soil which remains very strong and firm in the walls of a hole. If I understand your suggestions right, I should be able to build the 4×4 walls from the ground up. The liner would be supported by the wall above ground and the clay below, with some combination of underlayment and foam board to smooth out any rough edges.

    The one concern I have is that is seems critical that the botton of the wall must not shift outward at all, or it would cause a shear effect at ground level between the clay below and wall above that could stretch and eventually compromise the liner. I’m thinking 1 course of 4×4’s below grade anchored with spikes or rebar into the ground should be enough too prevent that.

    I was wondering your thoughts on that.

    Secondly, a suggestion about the bowing you experienced. My brother, an experienced woodworker, suggested a course of 2x8s about half way up the wall between the 4x4s. He said this should be enough to prevent the bowing and would add a nice visual effect. If you used 2x6s for the top ledge, I guess you could use 2×6’s half way up.


    Jack in Alpharetta GA