On the Back Porch with Jack – Epi-2962 — 6 Comments

  1. Millions of decent honest people all over the world consider it dishonorable for any human to join the US armed forces, or indeed to join the armed forces of any government, mafia or criminal cartel anywhere.

  2. A Bad Conduct Discharge can only be given as part of the sentence from a General Courts-Martial (the harshest of the three types of Courts-Martial). Additionally, Uncle Joe’s comments would be considered by any competent JAG (military lawyer) to be “undue command influence” which would make it more difficult for the military to bring to trial and prosecute. Yet another example of him talking out of his third point of contact.

  3. Congrats on getting Ron Paul on. Looking forward to it. Perhaps you could ask him about the tapering op by the Fed. Would like to hear his take on the coming market effects.

  4. Jack,

    Didn’t you do mining with Ben Fitt’s Crypto Gulch enterprise? Do you still have that equipment or did you sell it off? If you still have it and aren’t using it, some people out there are paying crazy prices for GPU rigs. Just sayin’…

    I would second that mining (at least the kind where you build/run your own mining rigs) is not for everybody. I’d say it’s something to only get into if 1) you’re technically minded, and 2) your interest in crypto is deeper than just wanting to make money. Many friends have pinged me this past year asking the best way to get into crypto mining, and as most were interested mostly in the money angle I told them they’re better off simply buying & holding and do some staking. GPU and ASIC prices are insane, and it takes some time on the front end to learn the ins and outs and get going. At this point in time and for most people, mining is not the best bang for the buck either in terms of either time or money. That could change during the next cycle low, but for now it’s not the best time to get into it.

    That said, one very positive thing I’ve gained from mining is how it has changed my crypto time horizons and incentivized me to think more long-term with my crypto holdings. Without that I would imagine my portfolio wouldn’t be as big as it is now. But I think most people can probably get that same influence/incentive through the various staking options out there now.