Episode-282- Back from The Judge and Listener Questions — 16 Comments

  1. Jack – thanks for the answer on powdered half’n’half. Barb answered me about canning cream or half’n’half and said that the cream would curdle, so powdered whole milk or canned milk is probably the best option. So, I’ll stock extra powdered milk until I can get my Dexter cows! Also on a side note, we buy half’n’half that’s not been homogenized and not ultra-pasturized and in a pinch you can let it settle out and make your own butter which is cool.

  2. Just as a side note; goat milk is naturally homogenized, so you’d need a centrifuge to separate the cream. Another great show, Jack. thanks!

  3. I sometimes do emergency response work. One thing that I can tell you about cell phones is that cell networks usually go down when you have a disaster. Part of this is damage to the system but most of it is traffic when a huge number of people try to call relatives and let them know if things are OK. We use cell phones when we can but we are told to carry 2 forms of communication because cell phones are not reliable. Radios are the preferred back up but sometimes text messaging will work when voice messages won’t go through. If you can find a wifi hot spot you can send emails. It is surprisingly easy to find a working wifi network. Hotels, airports, coffee shops, bookstores, and McDonald’s restaurants usually have wifi.

  4. They called it farm diesel where i grew up. You’re right, you don’t want to get caught with that in your pickup, unless you have farm tags. The DPS troopers carry a big long dropper to draw the fuel from the tank to inspect the color.

  5. Just an FIY here, but running BIO diesel, OR Waste vegetable oil on a public Highway are the SAME THING as running offroad diesel on the highway. It’s all tax evasion, and the gvmt sees it the same.

    Basically you’re avoiding the road tax.

    That Said…. Personally, I’d run WVO, OR Biodiesel and hide in plain sight, or tell them to suck it, BUT Technically it’s the same thing, and if they catch you, the penalty is the same.

  6. Jack, The Judge is correct you are the face of Modern Survival. I had not even hear that term till you started podcasting. Also I predict a revolution in the future which may or may not be lead by you. It will be lead by someone tho who uses podcasting or other alternate form of internet communication. I think people are growing tired of our biased media and stagnant politicians.

  7. Jack, your comments on “drift” at work really hit home. (I’m goofing off right now at work by being on TSP!)

    My drift is thinking about all the ways things can break down. Not that I’m freaking out, but the more you know about how fragile the systems are, the more you think about things. Calmly think about them, but think about them nonetheless.

    I must say that I like my job. A lot. But I run errands to do prepping and log onto TSP a lot during the day. That’s my drift.

    But, like you, I have mentally told myself that my job is how I get the preps my family needs. For the first time, I see a really clear connection between my job and taking care of my family. In some ways, my job is more important to me because it means a BOL, food, supplies, etc.

  8. I loved what you said about the creamer… I have a friend who does fireworks shows for raceways & local communities. He uses “gas bombs” for part of his displays. They’re made with creamer and totally wicked!!!

    I about died laughing when I heard you mention that about cremer.

  9. Some clarification on ham radio: You gave a range of 15miles for radio-radio (simplex) operation, This is assuming VHF, UHF+ Generally FM. This range figure is HIGHLY dependent on topography. I think you and your listeners would be better served to refer to the range simplex operation as Line-of-Sight. It is more realistic. I\’ve experimented with 2meter simplex on my commute from Stroudsburg, PA to E. Hanover, NJ on I-80. I was working another mobile station with a similar power output and receiver sensitivity. When our separation, vehicle to vehicle, opened to about 5 miles, communication became impossible. The terrain simply would not allow line-of-sight and 2 meter propagation is a rarity.
    I do agree with you that you could use a well versed ham, elmer, to interview. I am sadly not that type of ham…I\’ve a LOT of study to do. Maybe check with your county emergency management for a RACES/ARES contact, they will generally love to spread the word.

    73 73 (best regards)

  10. Hey man, thanks I am that guy thats out there when you said this is probably for someone out there, I am in that position, my job pays alright but its making me brain dead, I need something else… thanks for the help!

  11. Nice man this is the best podcast I have heard for my situation, thankyou! Any more info on job/personal growth and taking that next step forward is well appreciated here!