Episode-1699- Looking back at 2015 Forward to 2016 — 7 Comments

  1. Awesome episode, Jack. I hadn’t quite put myself in the “new start/perspective” mindset yet, so this was a good inspiration.

    About Grandaddy’s gun: Having not received any guns from a father/grandfather, my dad put together a fine little collection, but unfortunately sold it off sometime around the gun registration program here in Canada (which has since been disbanded).

    That makes me the starting point for the tradition in my family. I’m taking my necessary courses to own firearms in the coming months and am certainly thinking of the long-game of this, how it can be a valuable connection to the past for my descendants. In addition to building memories and family culture around firearms in general, I’m also thinking some about the importance of quality and timelessness. So, keeping with more classic materials (wood stocks) and features (e.g. no scopes) whenever possible/appropriate. That isn’t by any means to put down more modern materials and features, but in my eyes the more traditional material and features would better convey quality/value/memories.

  2. Jack, it was hilarious when you said that there are “people that wouldn’t pee on you if you were burning.” Gulliver put out a fire by urinating on the fire and saved the city, but the King considered this disrespectful and was going to put Gulliver to death.

    And that is the gratitude that you can expect from your government.

    Great take, Jack.

    Alex Shrugged

  3. Jack:

    Looking forward to seeing the pond. I hope you can post some more video soon.

    Your accomplishments and program motivates me a great deal.

    Thanks for a great year of SP!


  4. Congrats on all the progress you have made this year. Your words and the actions that accompany them have inspired a great deal of progress on our little homestead as well as in our businesses this year.

    Intending to sell vegetables at the local farmers market my 13yr old son and I prepped a large garden area during the winter but as sometimes happens the universe had other ideas. Late frost got our first planting, excessive rain got our second, and the grasshoppers and rabbits ate more of our third than we did.

    With dues for the market already paid I didn’t want the booth to go to waste so I bought a lathe and we did some wood working the week before. We sold out that first Saturday and came home with a custom order to be picked up the next week.

    At first it was just my son and I but after a few weeks my wife and our 2 younger kids had heard enough and wanted to go with us. To make a long story short my son, my wife, and I now each have our own business selling different woodcraft online our 2 younger children are even doing some crafts for sale as well.

    As soon as I get our websites set up and am sure we can meet the demand we will be listing in the business directory.

    With fortifications around the garden and rabbits in our belly we have high hopes for the garden next year.

  5. Love the update eps, Jack. Any chance you’ll do a full permaethos episode? I’d be curious to hear a full update on that project.

  6. Jack,

    Almost finished listening to this episode, and your comments about the Grand Daddy’s gun club reminded me of something that happened last week. Since retiring early I’ve been a substitute teacher in the local middle and high schools in our small town. Last week I subbed for one of the shop teachers. During one of the woodworking classes, a student was working on a rectangular box, about three feet long. I asked him what it was for, and found out he had been given his great grandfather’s double barreled shotgun, well over 100 years old, and was making a display case for it. I think this well illustrates what you want to do with this club.

    To let you know how pro gun the school is, they have have a high school trap shooting team that is doing quite well, and offer gun safety training for younger people.