Awesome Aquaponics Class Coming to Dallas — 8 Comments

  1. Dam. I want to go so bad. Live in wgoming. Startef aquaphonicss a year ago and love it. Mine is very small and would love to talk with some one that can help me go to a large scale. Thanks jack and keep your powder dry and your eyes open. “the Bee Whispeter” Michael Jordan

  2. (No new taxes)
    On a earlier post I spoke of the 47% and Romney increasing taxes. My argument is not weather taxes go up because to fix the debt issue, lets all behonest, if we are going to pay it down the money has to come from somewhere. My argument is with the net sum of Romneys plan. A plan that leaves the middle class holding the bag. Obamas plan on the other hand supports the middle class.
    I hear people talk of chess and checkers as if they understand the game. You dont. This is real life. Not a game. You dont sacrafice people to get ahead as if they are pawns or just pieces on a game board. The President must be president for all the people, the 100%. To preserve the union (family) the President (head) must deside where sacrafices must be made in lean time.
    In example, it is not uncommon for those with higher incomes to pay more in ecconomic time just as it is not uncommon for certain members of the public to carry the load in war.
    Lets be adults now, we all know politics involved. They say what they need to say to get elected. But, the difference is not in what they say, its in what they do. And if you trust that they will do thier best and reflect your values.

    • @Ray if you want to discuss this further do so in the actual post about the episode not this post about an aquaponics class.

      I will respond though and then if you want to continue again take it to the right thread.

      1. If you tax everyone at 70% we are not going to be able to pay off the debt. There is no plan by anyone to pay off or even down the debt, NONE. If you think there is show me exactly when the debt went down for even a day in the last 40 years. You can’t.

      2. You are classically dedicated to the false dichotomy. I tell you Obama lied and PROVE IT and you want to say “well Romney”. If you think either of these two assclowns have any substantive differences you are delusional.

      3. If you think your government including the president doesn’t “sacrifice people like pawns” and handle things like they are a game you are also delusional. You live in a fascist state by the very definition of fascist economics. Fascist economics require that people be used as pawns, it is in the definition of the term.

      Here is the definition of fascist economics,

      “Fascists oppose both international socialism and liberal capitalism, arguing that their views represent a third way. They claime to provide a realistic economic alternative that is neither laissez-faire capitalism nor communism. Fascists favor corporatism and class collaboration, believing that the existence of inequality and separate social classes is beneficial and argue that the state has a role in mediating relations between these classes.”

      Now that is a perfect description of how economics works in this nation today, where “the existence of inequality and separate social classes is beneficial” and is manipulated by the government and the corporatocracy.

      Your blind faith with no basis that we can ever pay down a 16 trillion dollar debt with a president who spent more money in four years then any other president ever spent in 8 is proof that you yourself are being used as a pawn by the system. Your belief that if we tax the wealthy we can pay down a debt that can’t be paid, EVER, is proof you yourself are a pawn. Your parroting this president when he says, “The President must be president for all the people” shows you are a pawn of the system. You parrot a president saying this, the same president that basically told anyone who disagreed with the stimulus to just shut up because “their opinions were not required” in the FIRST state of the union speech he gave after taking office.

      See the key is if you want people to be pawns, they can’t know they are pawns.

      If you want to discuss this further again, do so in the show notes for the episode you are responding to. Further comments unrelated to the Aquaponics Class that this blog post is about will be deleted.

  3. The first Day went an hour over because no one wanted to leave. Information rich, extremely well presented, graciously hosted. It would be a bargain at double the price. I will attend every time this team puts on an event. I have had my Aquaponics garden for a year and now I’m REALLY excited. I traveled from San Diego Ca to attend, and I count myself lucky.

    • The AOCS folks really did do a great job putting this together, and the aquaponics kit is perfectly done. I also feel like I got way more than my money’s worth; the kit alone is worth the price of admission. If AOCS puts on future classes like this, I would highly recommend it if you are interested in the subject matter.

      Being able to buy a couple copper rounds in person is an added bonus.

      I think every attendee learned about the class through TSP so Rob owes you a debt of gratitude, Jack. 🙂