Episode-244- Survival Podcast Audience Questions 7-27-09 — 14 Comments

  1. Jack good show ive got a neighbor that will not stock up on food and is always wanting to buy food from me.I sat down with him and said look you drive buy 3 stores everyday going back and forth to work stop off take15-20 min once a week and buy your own food.It took a little while to sink in but it worked.On a firearm i wasnt evan in school yet there was a lot of problems going on at the time and my dad sat me down and told me what was going on and why i needed to learn how to shoot.He said i may not be here at all times and if somebody breaks in a does something to your mom i want you to be able to protect her.I could hold up the shotgun but could not reach the trigger so he put a string on it and tied a loop in the trigger gaurd so i could pull the trigger and left it there until i was big enough to reach it.Thank god nothing ever happened before we could move.

  2. Already teaching my girls (8 and 6) to shoot. and they love it!
    Just picked up a little bow for them to learn archery as well.

  3. My own comment on your ‘angry’ podcasts. I actually find that your at home episodes to be less interesting because you seem to be too laid back, you are more active and passionate while driving perhaps from the extra stress. The dynamic qualities you have in your delivery of your podcast while driving make it very enjoyable to listen to as opposed to sitting at home sounding like your in a la-z-boy and far too relaxed to really get into it.

  4. RE: The angry shows, I love them. The times during the show that I now call \"Jacks Rants\" often express exactly how I feel. As far as the auto rants go, those are great comic relief during, sometimes, real heavy topics. I do worry though that some jerk will run into you.

  5. Don’t ever stop getting angry at dumb drivers!!!! I love when someone pulls out in front of me doing 15mph especially when there is no one behind me! That’s the best!

  6. @Kristen,

    Scroll to the top of the site, center column, under pages, third link down.

  7. Don’t overlook you local county extension office for canning classes. My county offers them once a year for about $15.

    I missed mine by finding out about it a week late. As such, I’m living up to my 4-H background and learning by doing! 😉

  8. @twk,

    That is a great point. Unfortunately in Tarrant County Texas they don't have anything like that but you are right many do. Thanks for the add.

  9. Jack: You never gave us your solution to a cheaper safety method for securing guns. If the topic is too long, please address it in the next Q&A. Thanks, rmg7.

  10. I have two of those eton/grundig crank/solar radios. The solar panel is large enough to run the radio, and I have set the radio, with the rechargeable battery disconnected, under a 14w CFL and listened to it all night.
    We had a mini hurricane last year that took out the power and it came in very handy for picking up the weather band.

  11. I have one of the Kaito radios (or a model very similar to it, but still a Kaito) that you spoke about in this episode. It is fantastic. Not only will the solar panel charge the battery, but on a DEAD battery, I can hold it up to the dome light in my car, yes, the dome light, and that light will run it, not just trickle charge it. It will run it on a completely dead battery. The reception is great, the audio quality is as good as can be expected for a single speaker radio, and the crank charger is not flimsy or brittle feeling. I have taken this radio to the Grand Canyon on a 9 day backpacking trip, and it survived just fine, with no babying. I highly recommend Kaito and their crank radios. My only beef with it is the cell phone charger. It doesn’t come with a good assortment of connections. I wouldn’t really use it for charging my cell anyway, but if they’re going to advertise it, they should make it versatile. If you’re buying this radio as a cell phone charger as well, make sure it comes with a connector that works with your phone.