Episode-214- Survival Podcast Audience Questions 6-05-09 — 12 Comments

  1. Hair-splitting:

    Robin Hood didn’t steal from the rich to give from the poor, he stole from the Sheriff (the government) and gave back to the people who had been pushed to poverty through taxation.

    Robin Hood is a libertarian tale.

  2. Interesting take on Robin Hood I will have to think about that one for a bit.

  3. A bunch of self-sufficient guys living in the woods and poaching the kings deer?

    Those were our people.

  4. Osage orange is also called bois d’arc or bow wood. This tree was used by Indians to build bows. It is an extremely hard wood and it is very hard to cut down with an axe. My dad used to build longbows and he loved this type of wood. Anyway I just wanted to mention another use for this tree.

  5. Anyone read Atlas Shrugged? There is a small mention of Robin Hood there and he’s not painted in such a positive light. I seem to remember hearing that Atlas was one of the basic libertarian texts.

  6. Try this:

    “Robin fought against the unfair intrusion of a government that wanted to add layer after layer of new taxes onto the people. Obama is the very manifestation of a large, intrusive government, and is actively laying layer after layer of new taxes onto the people. In the Hood legends, Robin was very careful to steal only from those rich who had not worked for their money. The presumption in the stories is that the ones he stole from had no moral right to the wealth they accumulated, since they had not earned it.”

  7. Jack another good natural fencing but its a seasonal plant is HONEYSUCKLE has a great smell also.Not much for producing food but looks good.DEER will also eat it so ive been told.The thing about home loans what may sound expensive now may be cheap compared to renting in 10-15 years.

  8. Jack,
    Been listening for less than a month. Stumbled upon your podcast via another link. First of all, thanks. You are, in my lexicon, Mr. Practical. That should be your new handle….: )

    I\’ve learned a lot by listening for just a short while, thanks.

    I\’m about 11 air miles, SSW from Ft. Dietrick, Md. Nice. This is a Level 4 BioLab. What preps would you make for living in this area? (how about moving out of it..ha!) Not even talking about anything conspiracy related. How about an accidental release? It\’s happened before.

    Just before this Pig Flu crap hit the media, Ft. Dietrick was report on the MSM to have \"lost\" 2 vials of equine flu virus.

  9. Regarding BOB uses, mine has come in handy dozens of times over the years. I’ve carried a BOB since the 1980s and here’s just a few things that come to mind.

    A group of friends and I were getting together at a state park for a BBQ. The weather was way windier than we’d expected, so I dug into my BOB and pulled out my 8×10′ light nylon tarp. Used some 550# cord and walled off one side of the gazebo to give us a wind screen. It saved the day and made it tolerable enough that we lasted until dark.

    Last December I was at the GFs house and she decided that we (her whole family was visiting) should go hiking in the snow. Since I always keep spare longjohns, wool socks, winter boots, wool hat and a heavy jacket in the car; we were able to gather enough warm clothing for the out of town guests to venture out on a great hike in foul weather.

    Last weekend Suz and I were heading for the trailhead for a local hike and she forgot her rain jacket. We were already 30 minutes from home and only five minutes from the trailhead. I didn’t skip a beat. When we got to the trailhead I put on my hiking rain jacket and loaned her the rain coat from my BOB. It turned into a great hike that we likely would have bailed on if I didn’t have the extra preps in the car.

    There’s dozens of other times I’ve pilfered a water bottle, granola bar, duct tape, bug spray, sun screen, or first aid item for myself or someone else that was less prepared. Perhaps if they were marketed as convenience bags rather than Bug Out Bags we’d have a more prepared society. 😉

    Also, I really appreciated the stuff today on the living fencing/hedge rows. Seems like a great way to delineate your property lines, gain privacy AND add to the productivity of your land. Super ideas.

  10. in your little thing about hedges, you spoke about kiwis that grow just about anywhere in the US. You said you can put them in the freezer and pull them out, just like a hard, not-yet-ripe avocado.
    Does that mean you can throw a green avocado in the freezer and pull them out and defrost/ripen on the counter? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me this is so! We love avocados round here, and I cannot justify spending $2 a fruit on them if I could store the ones I buy for $1 on sale from Jan-May.

  11. @Morning Sunshine,

    No but you are close, not the freezer the refrigerator. It won’t prevent an avocado from getting rip but it will slow it down a LOT. Just don’t put it in a bag or anything and it will keep it hard for about an extra week or two. With kiwis it keeps em hard for over a month or even more with the smaller hairless ones.

    However if you bag em that will accelerate it even in lower temps. Also freezing will ruin either one.