Episode-211- Survival Podcast Audience Questions 6-02-09 — 9 Comments

  1. These listener call in shows are very informative and great to hear. However, the degree to which they are being done consecutively has the appearance of laziness about it. It is almost as if(and very well might not be the case) the host is not wanting to do the research into independent topics, which has made the show great in the past.

  2. Thanks for all the good shows Jack. I really appreciate all the stuff I’ve learned from you. And I appreciate you explaining about how many posts you need to have before you can go on the 2 boards that have been the troublesome parts of the forum. I’m not sure if I was one of the people who contributed to the forum being changed or not. If so, I apologize.
    All of this still bothers me greatly & I’m not really sure why. Hopefully I can get past that & become a more productive member of the forum in the future.
    Thanks again.

  3. @sunny if it bothers you I don’t know what to say other then it is not about any individual. Either you get past it or you don’t. Rules are rules and they apply to all equally.

  4. About vaccines – actually there is quite a controversy about Vaccines if you look into it. MANY folks believe they cause Autism, ADD, ADHD, OCD, Bi-Polar disorder, and many other problems.

    They are NOT A GUARENTEE!! There are MANY reported cases of outbreaks of Measles and Meningitis and other illnesses among vaccinated populations they were supposedly protected against. There are also many cases of the vaccine causing the illness in the vaccinated child, or spreading to children around them.

    Many believe that Polio and Smallpox cases were reduced through better hygiene, not vaccines. I found in my research on this years ago that many believe paraplegic Polio was a complication of Polio caused by the Smallpox vaccine. If a healthy person got Polio it is usually like a case of the flu.

    When I researched this a while back I looked up a vaccines on the CDC’s website. Many claim to have no known side effects there, but through the Freedom of Information act people have forced the government to publish adverse reactions to vaccines. You will see cases there that contradict the CDC’s claims about vaccines.

    Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS)

    Pharmaceutical companies have managed to get Vaccines mandated by law before they even have FDA approval. It’s a BIG business. Docs make up to 5K a year per child for ‘well baby’ exams and shots. Doctors get kick-backs from the Pharmaceutical companies. These companies also have much to gain by getting as many vaccines ‘mandated’, although there are no long term tests made on vaccines given together as is common practice.

    Parents in Texas can get a Doctor’s wavier, a religious waver, and recently because of the valid controversy parents can get a philosophical exemption. Most states have exemptions, and a parent can sue a school if they try to refuse your child with an exemption.

  5. @Devil’s Advocate,

    If you LISTENED to today’s show you should have heard me say I have to stop doing them soon so I don’t become lazy as they are much easier to do. That is not why I have done so many though, I have done this many because of the massive response to it and the massive number of questions, I currently have 75 great ones in que. So there will be a break from them this week BUT I will keep doing many of them because it has clearly hit a cord with many listeners.

  6. I like the listener call-ins. They keep the show hopping. Stimulates me into looking into a subject further.

  7. I teach High School math. If you’re looking for a math book for the SHTF scenario, pick up “What is Mathematics?” by Courant, Robbins, and Stewart. It can be had from Amazon for less than $15 and covers everything from counting to calculus. Check out for some other suggestions.

  8. Thank you for the wonderful information you provide in your shows. I have not been active in the forum and I am disappointed to see problems there overflow into the shows.

    There is a certain percentage of Alpha-Hotel’s in every group, and the success of your show has allowed them to increase in raw numbers. As someone who has also moderated & managed on-line resources, I can very much appreciate the reasons for of a TSP dictatorship.

    In my experience benevolent dictators are happier people than regular dicators. Please do not let these bozos degrade the quality of what you provide. 🙂

  9. I homeschool my kids and try to buy books in advance of when they will need them, so we have books on hand for about a year in advance most of the time. When we evacuated for Katrina, we took all the schoolbooks along, so they never missed a day of school throughout all the upheaval.

    I liked your suggestion about the encyclopedia. I would make another suggestion about something else to consider. Even without internet capability, as long as you can power a laptop computer, those encyclopedia CD’s are great for using for education for the kids.