Episode-164- Assembling and Using a Survival Fishing Kit — 9 Comments

  1. Good Lord, Jack! Are you a mind reader? I’ve been plotting a survival fishing kit of my own. Thanks for the additional ideas!

  2. i have been planning a fishing trip for the past week and just yesterday i asked my father to try and track down a telescoping rod. and here you are doing a show on it.

    I am glad my telepathy reaches as far as texas.

    i have not listened to the show yet, but i am looking forward to it.

  3. For the past 4 years, my mom and I have run a back-woods survival program for all of the daughters and sons of our extended family and friends. This year we have 50 kids coming to our week camp and I’ll be working with the oldest 20 on survival fishing kits and how to use them.

    I was aware of most of the basics you mentioned, but the way you presented things was very clear and had some great examples and ideas to back up the information. I’ll be quoting you in my class, if I may.

    For myself, I especially appreciated your thoughts on the telescoping pole. I’ve used a Shakespeare break-down backpacking pole for years, but you’re right that if one piece breaks, I’m in trouble. I never would have thought of that until I was in a bad spot.

    Anyway I just wanted to say thank you for the podcast, and I’m looking forward to hearing more now that I know you’re out there.

  4. I know there are some great places to catch some carpin the area here or in the region,most of my fishing buds have been snagging some in medium size lakes however I am looking for fast water which have a good variety,it would be great to have come choices,Ill be looking for more info. thanks

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