Episode-49- Around the Survivalist Blogoshpere – Take Two — 5 Comments

  1. Once again Jack, Great show.
    While I myself do in fact believe there are elements with the various governments that wish to gain total control of free people in a , I never fool myself into thinking I’m going to be able to beat them back single handedly. My main concern is for me and mine. I’m sure I’ve been labeled a tin foil hatter a few times, but at least mine is nice and loose so rational thought can seep in from time to time.
    You are right on about “outting” the fakers who pretend to be war heros. My father was a veteran of Vienam and he has never once bragged about it. The most humble man you’ll ever meet about his service.
    “Posers” are a disgrace to the real servicemen and women.
    Great topics today.

  2. Nice change up Jack.
    While I look forward to your own views on the wide array of topics that you cover weekly. It is nice to see what others around the blogosphere are up to and get your take on them. You mentioned it and I agree it’s nice to hear you voice what I think about certain situations.
    Great job, keep the faith.

  3. Jack, a great show. I’m just starting out on the road to self-sufficiency and such. That said, a Meetup group on Survivalism was recently started in my home city and I’ve joined, to both learn from the others in the group and learn interesting things (like identifying and finding urban edibles); my wife’s even agreeing it’s a good thing to join and she’s coming along to learn and see if she will join as well.
    As to the topic of fakers (survivalists, military, etc.), I agree that they do a dishonour to those who were/are the real thing. That said, they are the freaks who give a bad name to the Survivalist community and the common sense Survivalism at it’s core provides.