Episode-1967- Vin Armani on Practical Voluntarism and His New Podcast — 6 Comments

  1. The best “Frankenbiting” I’ve ever heard was Sal and Richard on the Howard Stern Show… They Frankenbit a whole clip of Oprah Winfrey reading her book and made it sound like she was talking about her boyfriends sex organs… LOL

  2. Another great show. Yes this is the year I cursed my parents and survived. Next month is my half century mark. I like Vin’s podcast until he started using the F word a lot. Thank you Jack for doing what you do.
    May God Bless you.

  3. Another good guest. During the podcast Vin discussed how the printing press help to stop the State from controlling information and compared it to the internet replacing the old media and this I believe to be true. But Vin said that Martin Luther was the first bible in the common German language. This is not true, the bible had been translated in to the common language of German over 800 years before Luther was born. I listened to Vin Armani show podcast and I will continue.

      • Some examples of German Translations were the Augsburger Bible of 1350 that was a complete New Testament, while the Wenzel Bible (1389) contained the Old Testament in German. 1466 Mentel Bible was a literal translation of the Latin Vulgate printed in Strassburg. The Mentel Bible appeared in some 18 editions until it was replaced by Luther’s new translation in 1522.