Episode-2507- Vin Armani on CoinText, Bitcoin Cash and Simple Ledge Protocol — 2 Comments

  1. Did Vin ever update his assertion that the 2017 Las Vegas shooting was actually a government drone test?  One thing that you do really well Jack is admit when you are wrong and correct the story.  I can’t find anything where Vin ever addressed it again.

  2. I had actually forgotten about that. I will say I totally disagreed with him and told him so at the time.

    Vegas to me is a lot like 911, the conspiracy folks are being used to hide the truth and push the main narrative. Yea an old man with medical issues got 30 guns into a room in VEGAS with not one frame of video, sure. Yet a drone, no way. That doesn’t and never did make sense. I have to say when he was going on about that I kept waiting for him to drop a punchline or something.