Are You an Easily Led Moron? – Use this Simple Exercise to Find Out! — 11 Comments

  1. Hahah, I love it! This is one of my pet peeves too. “So, what can you do about it? Then are you doing that? No? Then stop obsessing!” Something I try to get through to people is 80% of the things you can do something about, it’s the same solutions for all of them. Why not do all of those solutions, and then see what is left? Generally because doing something is work, and obsessing is easy.


  2. You are so right. I as well as many I know have been glued to the news and ? how this will effect us, family, our planet. Hard to let it all go, having been a protestor in the 70’s, women rights, a nurse, etc. etc. Being in my mature years, one does feel more vulnerable. As of recent, new year, I have had enough. Media, all sides of course doing their job, popularity. Instead focus local issues as they arise. “Survival of the Fittest”, is what we all really need to focus on. Always had that Pioneer Woman Spirit”. Hense what I find on this site, seems like a better way to spend my time. I do not agree with all you say, but, your opening eyes and doors that provide solutions. Not fear. Thank You and I do spread the word.

  3. Cant argue with you about this article at all but i am wondering do you think signing petitions Or writing letters/making phone calls to senators ect. is a wast of time? I do it but I genuinely wonder if i am wasting my time? Thanks

  4. Excellent advice and well stated – the one thing we all have (or should have) is complete control over is how we personally react to any given thing.

  5. The flip side of this, of course, is the person who gets so outraged about something that he decides he CAN do something about it and finds out that he in fact can. Probably not on a very huge scale, but something.

    But it’s true: If your environment is successful in getting you to constantly worry about things that you can see no way to have any control over, then all your environment is doing is whipping your butt. Why play that game? Disengage and play a game you can win – at least part of the time.

    If a being gets the idea that it can’t do anything right or anything worthwhile or be competent at something, then it will go down the chute.  And there are plenty of people on this planet who would love it if the rest of us felt that way. So, do you continue to make yourself wrong, or decide to make them wrong?

    It’s a great basic strategy to go ahead and get something constructive done on a scale that is real or realistic for you.

    • As long as you are in the cycle described you will never do anything about anything.

  6. Haha, I’ll have to break this out at the next family get together…

    I’ve been sitting on this one for a while, but I’ve got a suggestion for the song of the day for the next time this subject comes up. It’s “Selling the News” by Switchfoot.

    Some excerpts from the lyrics:

    “See, money speaks volumes louder than words
    And virtues with wings, maybe not quite at first
    But salaries are paid by the ads not the verbs
    We’re selling the news”

    “See, all men are equal; all is for sale
    A powerful dog has been chasing his tail
    The lowest common denominator prevails
    We’re selling the news”

    “Begging the question, mongering fears
    Stroking the eyes and tickling ears
    The truth is seldom just as it appears
    We’re selling the news”

    Then repeating a 1984-esque line in the chorus:

    “The fact is fiction, the fact is fiction”

    Listen and enjoy!

  7. I can already say what irks me the most. My family and especially the niece and nephew generation getting sucked into the BS of politics, advertisers (brand names), and other golden prizes of popularity.

    I was quite young when I started seeing through the hype, which began with my church and my teachers at school. I only had a few teachers that valued creative thinking, 4 to be exact. One was a 5th and 6th grade teacher named Mr Ferguson, and the other three were a Speech Teacher (Jobes), Literature Teacher (can’t think of her name) and a Creative Writing Teacher (Thompson).

    I can honestly say I don’t know the current fear-mongering event. But I do know a meteor exploded over my ex-home state of Michigan close to where I lived. Interesting stuff.

    Thank’s Jack


  8. I’ve been using this strategy (albeit without the notebook, which I’m going to set up!) for quite a while and it’s helped me a lot.  Highly recommended!

  9. But what if I’ve been listening to this Redneck Duck Farmer who’s motto (of many) is “It doesn’t change the temperature of my pool.” and I ignore the details that get others in a raging froth? It’ll be a quick read!
    Still trying to get my wife to follow along…