Episode-2775- Resistance via Adaptation During the Great Reset — 22 Comments

  1. I know what you mean about adapting but since it’s hard to predict the future, it’s never totally clear what you or others may be able to do to resist or the value in supporting and encouraging those who may be resisting even if I myself have limited ability to do so

    What you say about energy may be true but at least it’s an honest discussion. I don’t see that solar is a very good source of energy for transportation and heating etc. Fusion also gets left out of the discussions. That’s what really bothers me is that they don’t have honest discussions but try to make it seem like agenda 2030 is this utopian thing when it isn’t and that’s what sets of all kinds of alarm bells

  2. Which network where you referring to to join ?

    To say it’s a trend .. it’s mostly man made based on manipulation and ignorance. We can always try to educate some of the ignorant but given that humans are very complex and it’s based on human behavior and pychology, I find it hard to fathom how predictable it all is and to me it’s significant whether it’s better or worse given this path or that, given whether trump or Biden etc

  3. What I have found difficult is that I can’t go to see live bands or play guitar at blues jams. Many of the Church services I used to go to aren’t there anymore, zoom meetings just aren’t the same. I don’t know that I can go to the martial arts studio anymore. They said they have to report to the state the people in attendance if covid breaks out.

    I often find the news very dystopic including the election as well as the reaction of brainwashed people. I feel frustrated at times that I can’t reach people on this including friends and family or aquaintances though I believe in always trying to be on good terms despite differences and difficulties in conversations. Someone gave me a hard time about politics and I just said to them well you have the right to free speech as in the constitution

    I sometimes find myself at a loss to figure out what the future really might be though I have known about agenda 21 for many years

    It may be mostly true that I want to adapt, though I don’t know if I really like the language or implication which sort of sounds like don’t resist etc

  4. Deleting this out of my podcast feed for good. You have become full-on Trump Cultist and science denialist. Enjoy your little Parler circle jerk until you are shut down by the next administration.

  5. Jack-

    Shared this with my Dad. Got us thinking. You mention areas like ‘Jefferson’ in Eastern WA/OR … we live in an area like that and are debating leaving. We’re already living rural, but are controlled by the cities. Joel Skousen calls us ‘disenfranchised by the main cities’.

    One way of thinking is that being in a State that is more freedom oriented (at least on the surface) is going to be a first level of ‘resistance’ to this stuff. But then again, maybe it just won’t matter in the grand scheme of things

    Uprooting and starting over is no small undertaking. Don’t want to do it for nominal gain.


  6. Gotta say, this is one of your best and most timely shows, Jack. It’s about surfing the waves, not deluding oneself that one can stop the waves. We have to recognize where active resistance is appropriate and when avoidance, subtle insurgency, and gaming the system is a better strategy.

    “The mandatory vaccine injection creates a UV tattoo? Sorry… I have religious objections to any tattoo. Bye-bye now…”

  7. Hi Jack – Thank you for what you do and being here for us! <3 … I have a request? Could you make a "rewind podcast" that "seems" all of your clips together where you talk about "cryptocurrency" into one episode" please? I'm a new listener to your show, have started listening since the beginning of Nov and am fascinated about cryptocurrency, and I'm eager to learn more, understand it better, and finally start investing in & using it.

  8. The decline is definitely upon us. Any doubters, just find yourself in a big-city grocery store and take a look at the people. Everyone is a zombie… wandering the store, completely unaware of other people, barely aware of what their kids are doing (mainly because they’re so used to the education system, read: daycare, watching their offspring.)

    They don’t know where their food comes from, what it takes to grow it in that way, what it takes to truck it all over the world so that Karen can have her avocados in North Dakota in December… just so their pale, bedraggled kids can whine for sugar at the check out.

  9. Freedom in the future. Locally encrypted web os where we can share documents, videos, apps, etc. Also they are working on offline/p2p chat. Should function like a complete offline social media platform with no central controlling entity.

  10. I’ll be honest, I subscribed to your podcast a long time ago and I listen to it on and off. Today, I did a “search” for the GREAT RESET in ALL of my podcast that I listen to. 194 episodes of different podcast came back and I was honestly surprised to see yours there.

    I am currently 28:04 minutes into it and I think you are most likely right about everything. You 10 year projection is also sadly possibly accurate for those who refuse the vaccine and the passport that goes with it. Which is again sad. Sad for all the missed opportunities children growing up will miss. Like my own. Movie theaters, Theme Parks, Concerts, and other events like sporting events seem like an impossibility right now if the world keeps going on like it is now.

    You analogy of the mill rock is spot-on I thought too. Have to figure out where to hide in a hole (Shire) somewhere – and watch the rock go by … Thanks your podcast.