AOCS Goes to Washington – Happy Birthday to Me! — 27 Comments

  1. Jack, this is a great gift to us all! Thanks for sharing it and Happy Birthday!

  2. All I can say is – WOW! I get chain letters in my email all the time telling me to pass them on and I never ever do. I will for the 1st time send something to ALL OF MY CONTACTS by passing this on! I hope everyone else will as well! Happy Birthday, Jack!

  3. That is such awesome news I look forward to listening to him and spreading the word out. I send people to the podcast just about everyday. This will be more fuel for the fire! Happy birthday ! can’t wait to tune in tomorrow.

  4. Jack…
    I wish you and your family many blessings, health, safety and happiness on your birthday. Your readers are also blessed to have individuals like you that share your knowledge with us!

    Thank you very sincerely for sharing the AOCS Goes to Washington. I have shared it on my Facebook.


  5. HAPPY-BIRTHDAY … ya-know besides what you have shared (Rob’s comments being such a gift to you) – you do have an additional gift and blessing this month ===== two moons – this is a ‘Blue Moon’ month – you are indeed honored

    • @White.Buffalo, Yes it occurs every 2.7 years and has done so in August before. It actually occurred on my birthday when I was 21 and on the day I was born. My best friend who I served in the military wit was born on Aug 31 the same year I was. When I learned about this it just seemed fitting as we always considered each other brothers.

  6. A gift that keeps on giving. Thanks for another year of speaking out. Like Suzanna Hupp sez, it might not change the outcome, but it sure improves the odds. An awesome year and the best to come.

  7. I just read the response. It’s an excellent speech. I’ll be trying to catch the CSPAN in the morning. Thanks for the heads-up.

  8. Jack, You know you’ve done something right when God smiles down and gives you His best before you even know it is a gift. Happy Birthday Old Man!! And yes change is coming. Hold onto the things that matter, stand up to tyranny where ever it rears it’s ugly head, and just watch and see what United people can do. For those that believe the party of TEA is in the harbor.

  9. Well, you and I share Aug 2 as a birthday. I’ve been celebrating the day a bit longer than you, but this year I’m glad to join you in hoping this hearing on competing currencies will make a difference. Auditing the Fed, competing currencies—–what’s next?

    • @bartsdad, I think so? Seriously I feel like I have been 40 already for like 5 years. I just don’t pay attention but when I asked my wife if I am 40 now she rolled her eyes, so I guess that is right. LOL

  10. Happy Birthday Jack!
    Definitely looking forward to reading Rob Gray’s comments. I wonder what the “critical mass” would really be for an alternative currency… It seems that there is a threshold for many things to catch on; technologies, gluten-free food, etc.

  11. Happy Birthday Jack! You and the SPC community have made a positive impact on my life and by extension, my families as well. Thank you.

  12. First – Happy B-day, Jack
    Second – Rob @ AOCS – dude, you’ve got some serious stones! You’re really throwing down the gauntlet with this line:

    “No fair challenge can be made between honest men and thieves. Let me be clear that when I say thieves: I refer to the current private central bank and the men in government who allow it to exist.”

    Absolutely awesome. I hope they’re actually listening to you. Kudos to Dr. Paul for getting you this audience. And Kudos to Chris Duane if it is true that he helped. Go nail ’em, Rob.