AOCS First Strike Pics, Christmas Sale and TRTAM — 19 Comments

  1. Nice copper rounds!

    Pertaining to, what would it take to convince you to also provide the e-book in a format compatible with Kindle (or other e-readers)? The pdf format does not work well for normal reading on the standard size Kindles, (I understand the DX size is better for pdf, but that’s probably not what most people use). Of course, you can do a conversion from pdf to kindle format, but if the pdf files have anything other than standard text formatting (such as pictures, charts, graphs, special characters, etc.), there can be significant problems with the conversion.

  2. @Dan actually pdfs seem to work fine for me on my kindle (not the DX). When I put the book on Lulu I will also do their electronic version and perhaps that will be better.

    I honestly don’t have a clue how to make an actual “kindle version” from my document.

  3. Hey Jack,
    The first strikes look great. I pre-ordered 50. I didn’t get a confirmation email though. How are they being handled, or did I miss that? Thanks and keep it going.

  4. @Clancy you should get a confirmation from Paypal with a receipt, if you didn’t please contact the gear shop to be sure your order was received. I don’t run the store and I don’t have access to customer service records for it.

  5. Not sure about tools for publishing books in Kindle format, but there’s a free utility called Calibre (sorta like iTunes for the Kindle) that I use to convert from PDF, TXT, LIT and several other formats to the MOBI format the Kindle seems to like best.

    I’d recommend Calibre for anyone with a eBook, it allows you to backup your downloaded books in the even that your lose, break your device since there have been rumors that some book purchases from Amazon don’t allow a second download. I’ve not experienced this myself, but I like to have the option to backup my books, just in case.

  6. Just an FYI – When I went to the OpenCurrency website to investigate becoming an accepting vendor for my services, I was surprised to find a big WOT (Web of Trust) warning stating poor trustworthiness, privacy, vendor reliability and child safety:

    I’m still interested but the warning concerns me.

  7. @Rebekah Jones

    I find WOT about as useful as an Alexa Rating. Rob Gray an AOCS are completely above board and I one hundred percent back them. You might want to read the objections on that WOT link you posted. WOT is about peoples opinions not reality. For every legitimate participant there are 20 odd idiots that rate a site they have never done business with and know absolutely nothing about.

  8. I do have a Paypal withdraw of funds on Dec. 9th for the purchase,can you check on this for me Sister Wolfe? I just want to make sure I get the coins when they are released. Thank you!

  9. Hey Danny, I can’t check for you unless you email me your full name. 🙂 Email it to and ask me to check for you to be sure the transaction went through.

    Just to be clear, you’ll receive the transaction receipt at the email address that is connected to your paypal account. 🙂

  10. Fair enough. WOT removed. Thanks for the heads up Jack. 😉 I’m just a little military-based taxi service but maybe my exposure can break this idea into the military circles as they leave training here and station throughout the world. Great idea. An iPhone app, in the future, to help locate accepting vendors near your location would be a FANTISTIC tool.

  11. Going to say this one time, really nicely. Blog comments on TSP are not a substitute for sending customer service emails to the gear shop. One notice, further such use of the comments will result in deletion. :>)

  12. Darryl and Jack,
    Thanks for the thoughts on Kindle conversion. Amazon will convert a pdf to Kindle format if I email the file to my Kindle address. Unfortunately, I have experienced some of the issues I mentioned above. I will give Calibre a tryout, and see if that’s better. Of course, I might be worrying about nothing, since I haven’t yet tried converting Jack’s book!

    Jack, I don’t know if you have experienced this. When I view a standard pdf on my standard size Kindle 3, I magnify the text to a larger size so that I can see it, but then I end up having to do a scroll around the page to read each page, since the Kindle does not treat pdfs the way it does normal Kindle formats. I find the scrolling function highly irritating. If the document is in double column format, it’s even worse.