Learning to Weld with Jerry Ward – Epi-3200 — 6 Comments

  1. Some questions came up about welding remote, away from power. A 7500 watt generator will supply 30 Amps @ 240 V and a 12,000 watt generator will provide 50 Amps @ 240V. Therefore the math shows a 12KW generator could max out the machines we were talking about.

  2. You were talking about a free welding rig giveaway for those involved in watching the live show.
    I generally listen to your show on your podcast. Are you speaking about people on the chat on which platform?
    Youtube? Do you have a set time for your live show, so people know when to join at a certain time?
    I don’t stay where I can get a notice, so a set time would make it easier for more people to attend.

  3. Jerry’s accent/voice is unusual, also very clear & probably marketable for advertising…

    Are Jerry’s Parents from Ireland or UK ?
    Seems like a mix of US & European accents rolled into one.

    Interesting stuff.

    • Mid-West (Michigan) all my life going back to my Grandparents. My professional life has involved talking to Europe a lot so I don’t know if that rubbed off on me.

  4. Great show guys! One comment on learning. I had never used a MIG but quite a bit of experience with 220V stick welder. I watched several YouTube videos and was doing decent welds in 30 minutes. In fact I never used the stick welder again in 3 years.

    I learned stick welding in high school shop class 60 years ago. About 5 years ago I bought a $500 Hobart 110V MIG welder (Handler 140). I have welded up to 1/4″ mild steel with it using multiple passes. I LOVE IT! I had a stick welder for 30 years but anything less than 1/8″ thick steel it just burned it up so I found it less than useful for home use.

    Anyway, I sold the stick welder for $50 with $75 worth of sticks just to get it out of the way after using the Hobart for 3 years.

    I have not used a flux core MIG welder but I don’t think they are very satisfactory.

    I got a cheap Chinese plasma cutter rated for 3/8″ cuts max. It was kind of OK but 1/4″ was more like max cuts. It also needed the points cleaned up every few months when it quit cutting. So I puked it and bought a used Hypertherm 30 off Ebay–it is also rated for 3/8″ max, and it will actually do that. Much better machine for 3X the price.

    I have made all kinds of stuff out of scrap steel. A lot of the steel was free. Some I bought at farm auctions by bidding on the miscellaneous piles of scrap for a few bucks. The comment on bed rails is spot on. I have used bed rail on probably 30 projects and it was FREE.