Another Reminder – Tickets to the TSP 10 Year Anniversary Party will Be Available July 7th — 10 Comments

  1. Hey Jack- Quite a while ago you mentioned something along the lines of licensing out the TSP brand for people in the community to just create cool merch with it that listeners could buy. Did anything ever come of that? Would love to buy some TSP gear one way or another.

  2. Ten years…a whole decade of educating people and expanding their horizons.

    Wish I could be there…..

  3. I have a question about this. My Husband is a member of the MSB but I am not. Both my husband and I want to attend. What is the best way to attempt to get 2 tickets?

    • That really is not an issue, he should log in, fill out the form, hit the back arrow and fill out a second form.  I am not going to check names against the MSB data base or anything.

  4. Hi Jack, I’ve been on the TSP website since 9AM, and I do not see the link for the tickets to your anniversary party.

  5. Hey Jack, any chance you’ll make the shot glass and flask available for purchase after the party? I’d LOVE to have them!