Episode-1352- The “Angery American” Returns to TSP — 42 Comments

  1. Great interview guys. About the pandemic, there is a great game on cell phones (I use an iphone) called Plague Inc. I essentially do not play any video games but this game is very educational.

  2. “Convert to Islam and use your right hand”

    It’s the left hand but that is not important, but there is something preppers could learn from many Muslim cultures which is washing yourself with water after using the bathroom, it’s a lot nicer and you won’t be in a panic and needing toilet paper if a shtf event arrives. Obviously you will need water and other hygiene products in order to wash properly.

    • In Forsaking Home, the third book I cover something like this. A very sanitary option. It does require some forethought, but it works. And you’re right, left hand. I forget that there are no left handed Muslims.

  3. The name of that movie was “Alone in the wild” starring Ed Wardle, the main reason he only made it 54 days was he couldn’t kill Moose or deer cause it wasn’t in season and he didn’t have tags, so he damn near starved to death.
    After 40 days he pretty much went nuts from starvation and being alone.
    The being alone part is what drove him insane.
    He filmed it himself and a plane did drop off batteries and picked up film every so often.

      • Opps, sorry Shannon. Reread your post and realized you covered the loneliness aspect. It was disturbing to see his emotional state devolve.

      • No doubt and in such a short period of time, he was only going to be out there 3 months, you would think he would have geared up mentally for 3 months alone, but he crashed and burned after a month and I would have killed that moose and not filmed it LOL!

  4. I am an American who lives in Argentina and a lot of the comparisons, in my opinion, are not well founded (here and elsewhere). Not to be critical at all; just trying to add my 2 cents. I here so many comparisons to Argentina , but it’s really very different here. The situation is crappy here no doubt, but there are so many dynamics that don’t really correlate to American society and history. People think Argentina was a prosperous country as recent as 2001 when they had their “crisis”. Argentina is not, was not, and hasn’t been prosperous prosperous since at least the 1945 when Juan Peron (socialist-populist) became president. I could go on, but I don’t have to space.

    • I don’t think you are really making a counter point, you are more or less agreeing with exactly what we said.

      • “As modern example, I think Argentina is going to be the best place to look to see what can happen here”. I disagree with this statement. In the forums here and in many places, people hold up Argentina as an example of the road that the U.S. is headed down; I don’t think there is much comparison what-so-ever. I think we can learn from individual events as much in Argentina as elsewhere to better prepare. I do agree with you and Angery American that any catastrophic, long-term event in the U.S. will lead to more lives lost & a far more oppressive government than anything Argentina could image. I think there is a lot of hyped & over generalized information floating around the prepper community about Argentina past and present. Thanks.

        • Again you are not disagreeing with anything WE said on the podcast. You disagreeing with what others have said in other forums. This is called transference by the way.

    • Prepardo, I held Argentina up as a good example, not in a bad way. They are a developed country with a rich heritage. Unlike the US they, for the most part, share a common culture and national pride. Sure there are differences among the people, but in the end they are Argentines, unlike the US where everyone has to be a _______ American.

      My comment was not disparaging to Argentina, they suffered a terrible loss at the hands of their government, so are we. One day the money was worth X and the next it was worth -X, same place we are headed. Argentina had it’s share of violence, that as I stated will pale in comparison with what happens here.

  5. A trigger warning system that is voluntary is a great idea.

    You have to understand this is not for people who don’t want to hear about traumatic experiences of others. It’s for people who have endured extreme traumatic situations.

    “Trigger” is the term people in the mental health care world use Wikipedia can describe it better then I can

    I just don’t see how anybody could be against a voluntary system that would place a small red dot or some other discrete symbol on books and other media to help (for instance) rape victim not have to relive their experiences daily
    Would you feel the same way about a system that was meant to help soldiers with PTSD? Are they “teacups” the answer is no. I’m sure you just misunderstood who the program is for.

    • A voluntary system would only be between the student and the teacher. If anything else it is NOT VOLUNTARY. I just find the whole thing to be total bullshit and one more damn proof point that our nation is turning into a nation of wusses. If you have some trauma that necessitates a warning from a BOOK that you read and can stop reading if something upsets you it is UP TO YOU to talk to YOUR PROFESSOR and LET THEM KNOW.

      Anything else is NOT VOLUNTARY.

  6. Is anyone else pissed that last night was the end of the TV show Revolution?
    I watch very little TV but I really liked that show!
    Maybe FX or Nat Geo will pick it up

  7. Shannon, I didn’t know it was the last episode; but I agree I like it too. I watch via internet. Good show today.

  8. Loved it! One of the better ‘casts. I watched a couple Doomed-dumb Preppers episode, including one that was centered around a bunch of peace-nicks. They kicked one of their members out because he kept pushing them to have some way to protect themselves. They are counting on the good graces of the people they may come into contact with during a SHTF scenario. Well… ok. Good luck with that, knuckleheads.

    Per the show, Alone in the wild; along with the scarcity of food, he never built a winter worthy shelter but instead was living in his tent. I think it was fortunate he did leave else the guy would have frozen. He was going nutty towards the end, but I think it was more of him being unable to handle the loneliness. An important thought to those why think that can go it alone. Not everyone is cut out to be a Jeremiah Johnson or a Nesmith.

      • What he did was amazing, though he did have aerial resupply. As for Ed I don’t think the guy was cut out for the isolation and the fear of predators. The weather at the time was fine, he was there during the summer. He had no intention of being there for the winter. he did seem to fall apart quickly though, hunger and isolation can have odd effects.

  9. Hey Chris,
    Just wanted to say its always great to hear you on TSP, and I really appreciate your books.

    They’re the only prepper fiction my non-prepper wife has read and enjoyed, and they definitely got her thinking.


    • Thanks Insidious, I really like being on Jack’s show. He’s one of the few, hell only guy, out there with a substantial audience and has his head screwed on right. It’s great your wife likes the books, getting non-preppers to read them is half the challenge.

  10. Hey Chris!

    Just wanted to say that I love your books and I read through them in record time. I have also learned a lot from reading them. Can’t wait tip the next one comes out!


    • Check out my Facebook page for a link where you can enter to win an advance copy of Forsaking Home. It’s great you like the books, I never dreamed this would go where it is.

  11. Have not listened yet but as one comment mentioned, Dick Proenneke. I find myself on the loner side as well. I typically go two weeks without seeing a soul during the xmas holidays, since I live on a seasonal road 1.2km from pavement. It is different today with streaming media and podcasts etc. But from November to April where I am, I am the only full time resident in these parts. I am 50 and after my divorce I pretty well became solitary; other than work, and that is where I get my socializing in. I turn off and on light a light switch. The minute I get home, I pretty well keep to myself until work the next day. I’m not a lone wolf and as I get older that becomes less and less of an option, but watching Dick Proenneke, I really see it is possible

  12. Thanks for checking out the podcast guys. And of course thanks to Jack for having me on. I agree whit what was said about Ed, he was handicapped and that’s why I brought it up. However, he seemed to loose it quickly. Crying when he saw the plane and constantly crying into the camera. He seemed to have a real issue with the isolation. In addition he had what seemed to be an irrational fear of bears. While they are certainly a concern I think he was simply scared to death of them.

    What Dick did in Alaska was incredible. But here too he had resupply and a lot of tools and gear brought in by plane. Not saying what he did was easy, it wasn’t, but having the proper tools for the job sure makes it a lot easier. Not to mention the skills he had, he was a master woodsman.

    • So true brother, but even the Mountain Men came to town or the Rendezvous at least once a year to restock coffee, tobacco, lead, gunpowder and flour.
      The true bad asses were the Indians!
      I have to agree with you once again with the fear of bears, I went back and watched it again and I think you are right, the fear of bears paralyzed him to a certain degree.

      • This was a fun podcast; I did enjoy it. I am going to check out the book series. God Bless.

  13. One short karmic note on picky eaters.
    I was raised to either eat or starve, it was up to me and I had planned to do the same for my kids…at least until my oldest was diagnosed with diabetes. It kills me now when her blood sugar is low and she says she won’t eat something. The only up side is that diabetes has made her very responsible. Way more responsible than I was at six.

    • I hope it holds. My middle daughter has type 1, something I’ve avoided in my writing because I know the logical conclusion. As a teenager she isn’t too concerned about it. It takes a lot to bring her around to the reality, lows are bad, highs are way, way worse.

  14. Bicycle coaching!! OMG. I wonder if I could charged with child abuse because I taught my developmentally disabled child to ride a bike and he fell down a few times during the process. Nobody in the California state government better hear about this or they will add it to required services that must be offered to parents of disabled children.

  15. “The White Plague” by Frank Herbert.
    A molecular biologist creates a super disease and spreads it by sending people infected money sealed in packages.
    The premise of the book is that while on vacation in England his wife and girls are killed by an IRA bomb, so he snaps and creates a disease that only kills women and sends the infected money to people in England and Ireland.
    Also, probably the most famous “End Times” book (and movie) because of disease would have to be Stephen King’s “The Stand.”

  16. Here’s a recipe for sanity:
    I had trouble with mp3 player and am now catching up. (Up now to episode 1292) Meaning back-to-back TSP while driving an 18 wheel truck all day long. Jack, in this crazy world you restore my soul by being the voice of sanity. Screw politics, the answer is not there, etc. Yea! Yea Jack!

    When I get home I check my email (I’m away from home half of most weeks, after 14 hour days) and the title and description of this episode got my attention so I have it on the laptop.

    Thanks for all you do, which is why I have been MSB since episode 275 and will be forever. Jack, you are changing the world. For that I thank you.

  17. Chris:

    Love your books. What’s your background? You seem to have a very sound knowledge of small unit tactics and realistic violence.

    I’m reading all of your books!


    • Vic, I enlisted in the Corps at 17 but was discharged for medical reasons that I thought were BS. All I ever wanted to be was a Marine, much to my dads chagrin, he was in the 101st. Everything I know is through self study and some very knowledgeable guys that assist when I have questions. But I don’t try and claim to be a spec ops warrior, I have too much respect for them. I am what I am and go with what I know. As for violence, I’ve seen my share up close and personal.

      Thanks for the comment, glad you like the books.

  18. That interview was just like having the two of you in my living room, I was painting my log cabin interior, look over to the notebook, laugh, nod and go back to painting. Wished that one was three more hours. It sort of reminded me of the talks Jack had with Ron Hood, same feel to it

  19. im looking at the books on right now. what is the order in which i need to get them and listen to them? By the Titles Im presuming: 1) Going Home 2) Surviving Home 3) Escaping Home. Is this correct?

  20. I tend to disagree with Jack on the idea that if the gangs of Chicago would jack up the Chicago PD if they decided to take them on. Perhaps in the initial hours may be true. I dont think it would last long though. Bottom line is that the LEAs would eventually dogpile them. The patrols on the street would have some tough moments but they would call in all shifts and start putting them three and four to a car and rolling in convoys, officers from other departments would be sent there, all your county, state and fed folks. If needed the National Guard would be in within 24 hours.

    Not that this would actually happen, most gangs understand that nails that stand out and get hammered down. Now after a collapse or other opportunistic situation where the gangs think they might get away with it…

    • No way but best count the gangs out number the PD 12 to 1 at least. They have no rules of engagement and don’t care about hurting bystanders.

    • Going back tot he LA riots, look what happened there and that wasn’t an organized group. Sure there were many opportunists in that event, just as they would come out of the woodwork if something like this were to happen. There would be many people that wouldn’t ordinarily be involved in something like this that would show up, add in those that look for any event to cause mayhem and it could get bad quick. The LEO would have their hands full with a fight while at the same time dealing with the general chaos that would ensue.