An Open Challenge to Debate Any Scientist or Doctor on the Merits of HCQ for the Treatment and Prevention of CoVid — 8 Comments

  1. I have sent this to two doctors how have a large internet presence. One has spoken out against the Nigerian doctor and the other I do not think has stated a stance on this.

  2. Jack, the link to YouTube goes no where. Can you describe the contents of the memo please? Thank you.

    • One link is to YouTube the other to Facebook.

      Both links work. It is Jack staying what he wrote here.  Hope that helps.

  3. I assume that you are aware of the side effect profile, drug interaction profile, and co-morbidity profile of Hydroxycholoroquine.  Are you suggesting that all front line doctors should use this as a front line treatment or a preventative?  What about patients with cardiac issues?  Poor renal function? Or a myriad of other illnesses, that may not be declared to the treating physician prior to the administration of the dose?

    • I am going to say you need to do some research into these side effects.

      All the claims come from HIGH usage long term.

      Go find me any study showing these side effects with either of these dosages

      1. 400mg day one, 200mg for four days, stop. (early treatment)

      2. 200mg once every 14 days

      Go ahead and show me any serious risk for anyone at either dosage. Go ahead. Good luck.

    • Honestly HCQ has been used for renal function support in some situations. How about you actually learn about this stuff before you parrot it.

  4. Jack, I sent it to TED and told them to find you someone to debate or have you on for a talk.

  5. jack,

    2 interesting articles i have come across…that highlight the other effect of the combo that Zinc and Hydrochloro have upon the blood ph/ cellular levels…and that it may very well be an acidity/toxicity overwhelm of the interstitial fluids that this “covid” is manifesting as….