A Note about Amazon Delivery Times vs. Quoted Times — 7 Comments

  1. Its all across the board for me. Even if it says Prime and in stock (and I know they said Prime isn’t going to be 2 days), some orders are taking 3-4-5 days when it says delivery is weeks away. Some orders say delivery in a few days but are taking weeks. To note, I haven’t ordered anything “essential” like medicine or food.

      • More Rural outside of Grand Rapids MI.    Hit and miss.  Some items are two days, some five days.  I ordered a mattress pad for my mother a good three weeks ago and its just coming today.  But the pillow I ordered for her came in two days.


  2. I have similar experience but it isn’t consistent. Some prime items are on time even if they are not the ‘priority’ items. I have some 3d printer material that is normally delivered in 2-3 days that will not be here for 2 more weeks. It was in stock when I ordered. I’m in Columbus ohio and we have a distro here. My guess is that non priority items in other distros get shipped first.

    I’ve also started using ebay more since sellers are often small businesses that can get items shipped faster than Amazon.

  3. Amazon Prime things in stock usually say delivery about 4 days right now, but often on my doorstep in 2 days. We had an order from another company which was to get here in about half a week.  It came in 4 separate packages.  1st package got here a day after their estimated delivery date, a couple days later the 2nd arrived, about a week later the last 2 came in.  What was really weird was the first two come by our local usps driver and the last two came thru fedex (It was not essential item, many but not all Amazon items were).