Episode-2692- Almost Everyone is Already an Agorist — 3 Comments

  1. One interesting agorist angle I’ve seen here in Mongolia is international money transfers. When expat Mongolians want to send or receive money to/from relatives & friends back home, one goes to a certain social media platform (not saying which) where both parties arrange to swap money with each other’s agents and they confirm w/each other via the messenger app of their choice. You have to be a little flexible sometimes on the amount as you’re limited by the amount the other party is willing/able to exchange, but it’s still a lot better than traditional bank wires where you’re waiting days, paying high fees, and your transaction can get halted by the whims of the banks involved.

    This is one use case for cryptocurrency I’m really trying to push around here. It’s only a matter of time before more Mongolians here and abroad get more comfortable with it and start using crypto for these exchanges.

  2. Re: Unknown long-term effects

    Yet another real problem blown entirely out of proportion by the “Media Circus of Dipshits”. I’m willing to bet real money that the percentage of the recovered suffering from the grievous long term effects would go from small to almost negligible given proper dietary supplementation (Vitamin D and such), EARLY application of a zinc ionophore (w/zinc!) & maybe something like azithromycin, and sensible exposure prevention procedures for those most vulnerable due to age or pre-existing conditions. Government-decreed lockdowns and vaccine or mask requirements are not only IMO immoral, but they’re like trying to use a flamethrower to take care of those wasp nests in your attic.

    But instead, in general the media dipshit circus will continue pushing the fear angle, demand more lockdowns, and promote division and cringe-worthy virtue-signal nonsense over 6-foot rules, demanding businesses stay closed, & (sigh) face masks. Heaven forbid we let people & businesses make their own decisions. Sure I’ll wear a face mask in a store, but if someone else doesn’t want to and they’re keeping a reasonable distance from others who don’t want to be close to them, then I don’t see a problem. Another time where “leave us alone” should be the operating principle, for all parties.