Starwest Botanicals Whole Chamomile Flower Tea – Item of the Day — 9 Comments

  1. Good price. It’s worth mentioning, this is effectively seed as well. 1lb of this stuff will give you tens of thousands of plants. BTW, in spring, 4″ potted plants sell for $2 each pretty easily, making a tea bag and couple shovels full of dirt worth about $80 in plant sales.

    Just wondering if anyone who grows themselves has a good method for harvesting. It’s very laborious to remove the flower heads. The best method I have found is using a women’s hair pick to rake the heads off, into a bowl, then winnowing. Still it takes about an hour per pound, making it cheaper to buy than grow yourself. I’d love to hear of a more efficient way.

  2. I made some of Jack’s Morning Blend. I used your links to buy all the packages, plus some Bay Leaves. Buying by the pound might seem pricey to some, but it’s the BEST value. I’ve purchased Frontier herbs and spices for more than 20 years…maybe 25 years…but never made herbal tea like this!

    I came back to get your link to order some Green Tea, so we can try it with the caffeine. As is, my husband gives it TWO THUMBS up!

    • Thanks for the kind words, this one and the Orange Spearmint are two teas EVERYONE seems to enjoy.

  3. I’ve made the morning blend and enjoyed it. I did some experimenting and tweaking to my liking. I’ve toned down the green tea by 1/2. In addition, I’ve made a black tea mix at a volume of 2X. This is what I’ve found I enjoy the most. Regardless, I’m loving loose leaf tea. I keep one tea diffusor at work and another at home.

  4. Is the above link to the Blackberry leaves, the exact one you’ve purchased? I guess I didn’t read the Amazon details well because I received a 1 oz bag of nearly powdered leaves in a very small baggie. I thought I was ordering a pound. That makes the price $96 per pound. I have blackerry bushes in my garden; maybe I should get into the organic blackberry leaf business; forget the blackberries. 🙂

  5. Do you have another link for tea infuser?  Link looks broken.  Looking to level up kombucha game.