Easy Fermenter Wide Mouth Lids – Item of the Day — 8 Comments

  1. Saw the easy fermenter kit on amazon…it comes with an oxygen pump. It pump beneficial?

  2. Wow! I’m impressed by your response…I’ve been listening awhile and like what I hear. I’ll buy from your site. Thanks

    • I almost, ALMOST recommended the kit anyway. At first I thought the kit was cheaper even with the stupid pump then buying the weights and lids separately. Until I realized that there are only 3 lids and weights in the kit. Hence even if you want the weights you are ahead on the per unit and don’t have a stupid plastic pump to throw away if you buy each separately.

  3. Just bought the kit I found after clicking on this- I doubt I’ll do more than 3 at a time anyway, and getting the weights at the same time is cheaper (3 for 20 instead of 4 for 30).

    Also got a Dewalt tool, so enjoy that commission too Jack.

  4. After some research. I find that fermentating is different than pickling.

    So my question is…

    Can I pickle in these containers or should I find a pickling vessel?

    • Well it sounds like you are talking vinegar pickling and these are not vessels they are lids. If you want to do a vinegar pickle these are not for that. Standard lids are what you use.

      However, many refer to fermentation of veggies and such as a “fermented pickle” which is accurate but not the same as using vinegar at all. So it depends on what you are really asking which bluntly is not clear here at all.